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Thursday, September 30

About Face: Russia Approves Kyoto

What the hell happened? Russia decides to approve Kyoto in one heck of an about-face. Maybe Putin is giving Bush the middle finger of sorts. As this article suggests:

the timing of the signing (on not signing) as well as of the events surrounding the signing itself could have tremendous political implications for US presidential politics. Bush has already been challenged on his anti Kyoto stance by individuals, environmentalists, environmental groups, and his own environmental agencies and by city and state governments as well. Such opposition could be fortified, when as well as if Putin signs the protocol."

So, with all the hurricanes in the US and Mt. St. Helen ready to pop its cork, it certainly appears to be an opportune time to make George Bush look like Earth enemy # 1. Another hint at the timing is that this revelation comes just as Kerry and Bush are set to debate eachother in the great Presidential debate. A couple of Master Debaters they are, I doubt that Kyoto will come up between either of them.

Note: Russia may have been moving toward Kyoto since this past May, when Putin met with EU comissioner Romano Prodi

In event of Terrorist Attack, Canada Undefended from US


A new study done by the C.D. Howe institute says that Canada's military has dwindled so much, our sovereignty is at risk of being compromised should the US choose to send troops to "protect" Canada from an outside threat.

The Death of Democracy in the UK

Watch this interview by Simon Aronowitz concerning the new Emergency Bill in the UK that allows the Secretary of state to do whatever Parliament can do, such as abolish the Monarchy, House of Lords, Judiciary and declare Himself Dictator. The Civil Contingencies Bill is being brought in due to 9-11, but it is more like Cromwell's invasion. Interestingly, we are coming up to the 400th anniversary of this event.

Terrorists Nabbed in Red Mercury Plot

News of The World has uncovered a plot by a Saudi businessman to buy Red Mercury.

I remember reading about this Red Mercury a while ago on Rense. It's a radioactive isotope derived from Mercury that is undetectable by Geiger meters, and how Saddam may have gotten a hold of these weapons out of Russia.

There could be thousands of red mercury bombs the size of basketballs across the US and Europe ready to go off on some calculated date, such as the Winds of Black Death that were associated with the Madrid Bombings last March.

As this article asks: If the CIA says that Red Mercury does not exist, why are so many terrorists trying to procure it?

Just days ago, a terrorist was foiled in his plot to buy Red Mercury. Guess what? Their boss was a Saudi Arabian and their banker a Goan.

The Journalist who uncovered the whole plot, Mazer Mahmood, seems like a pretty hardcore investigator.

Wait. It gets worse, The Saudi Government is still dealing with several Lawsuits in the US that claim it had a hand in the events of 9-11. Guess who their defendant is? Former Secretary of State under G.H.W. Bush, James Baker.

Wednesday, September 29

Libertythink.com on the Rise of the Fourth Reich

The Transcript of the Buchanan interview is available at Liberty Forum.

It basically says what my confidante LENNY BLOOM has been saying for a long time: the ultimate goal of this Skull & Bones Nazi infiltration of the American Government is to install a military dictatorship and reduce the role of president to a civil one. But if George W. Bush is already a mind-controlled slave for these people, do they really need to do that?

Here's an exceprt that TBF of Libertythink.com has skillfully culled:

"Prescott Bush led a group called the American Liberty League in a treasonous conspiracy with JP Morgan and the DuPont family. He tried to overthrow the U.S. government. I've got the documents. They were going to abolish the presidency, make it a civil position, which was a dictatorship. And they were going to kill FDR. One of the transcripts that I have - and I would even be happy to read some of it on the air now. They talked about Hitler being right. And that because the communists were such a threat to the U.S., that they were going to have to start rounding up unruly, unemployed people from the depression and uncooperative World War I veterans, who wanted the bonus they had been promised by Herbert Hoover and never got, and put them into internment camps."

Whether you believe it or not, there are REX-84 internment camps right here in Canada, folks, one of which is rumored to be in Cold Lake Alberta.

USGS Scientists Increase Alert on Mt.St.Helen

I thought Yellowstone was ready to blow, but maybe it's Mt.St.Helen. This just in from Reuters.


After only a few days online, the Tyranny Response Unit was added to Bourque.org's list of Top Bloggers.

Tuesday, September 28

Fake Email Addresses are Illegal

Well my friends, its official, the internet has been taken over by big business and government. "California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill last week requiring file swappers to provide a legitimate e-mail address when they share music or movies online, or be charged with a misdemeanor."

Gone are the days when the internet was ruled and regulated by the users. This is only a small glimpse of the future of the internet, soon you will not be able to be anonomyous in any way while surfing the net...oh that's already happened.

Mt. St. Helen ready to blow?

This year, several Aboriginal Tribes "re-tuned" the great Medicine Wheel centered at the Grand Teton National Park. I wonder if the latest reports from Washington State concerning Mt. St. Helen have something to do with this.


Monday, September 27

Shirer on a NeoCon?

This Happens to me all the time:

Shirer then recounted how, in conversations with his German friends and strangers he would meet in cafes and beer halls, "I would meet with the most outlandish assertions from seemingly educated and intelligent persons. It was obvious they were parroting some piece of nonsense they had heard on the radio or read in the newspapers.

"Sometimes one was tempted to say as much, but on such occasions one was met with such a stare of incredulity, such a shock of silence, as if one had blasphemed the Almighty, that one realized how useless it was even to try to make contact with a mind which had become warped and for whom the facts of life had become what Hitler and Goebbels, with their cynical disregard for truth, said they were."

Alex Jones interviews John Buchanan

Terrorism Offensive

It almost seems that US Officials want a terrorist attack before the election. I mean, if the terrorists didn't think about it, the media definitly thought about it for them. The media has the masses conditioned so that they expect an attack before the elections. Kinda odd.

Japan in a Sea of Fire

Yesterday, North Korea warned the USA that if it were to attack it in any way, Japan would be immersed in a nuclear sea of fire. Currently, several US and Japan destroyers are being positioned near Korea. Recent news reports say that this is in response to North Korea's recent test launch of a ballistic weapon. I find it interesting that now the US Administration is concerned about Iran's possible plans in building a nuclear weapon yet continues to ignore the fact that North Korea already has one and constantly is threatening to use it. What I find interesting is that a colleague of mine informed me last year that after the 2004 elections, the USIranIran in 2005. If you news Google the IRAN NUCLEAR keywords you begin to see how the case is currently being built up. My bets is that in the spring of '05 there will be a 'dire threat' to the free world from Iran and that we all must rally behind the USA in their attempts to 'free' us from this threat. poses to the free world because of its WMD. Consequently, he told me that the Bush Administration will use a pre-emptive strike on administration would begin 'fabricating' claims about the imminent threat of danger that

Bush Hitler Meme racing through blogging community

The Guardian's article on the whole Bush-Hitler history is currently the number one bit of information travelling through the blogging community right now, according to Blogdex

Kerry Hint's at the Draft

Last wednesday, John F. Kerry hinted that there may be a draft if Bush gets re-elected. This is quite interesting because Kerry obviously has inteligence regarding this topic otherwise he wouldn't make these allusions. When asked about the possibility of a draft Kerry said that "[i]f George Bush were to be re-elected, given the way he has gone about this war and given his avoidance of responsibility in North Korea and Iran and other places, is it possible."

Sunday, September 26

Shut up and consume, Maggot

I liked this article.

"The new mantra for the Neo-Republic is quite clear, all you have to do is—smile, shut up, pray, work, consume, pay taxes, don’t ask questions and enlist at the nearest recruiting office. And after doing so—instruct your loved ones to report to the nearest Pro-War Rally to join in the festivities of waving goodbye as you head into combat."

GNN Comments on the Bush-Nazi article

GNN has some interesting comments on the latest Guardian article on the Bush-Hitler meme.

Bush Nazi Article in The Guardian

What this article fails to mention, is that GW Bush actually laid a rose at the end of the line to a death camp that his grandpappy helped manage.

Saturday, September 25

HAARP Used on Florida Hurricanes?

Now it's not certain if this is a reliable diagram, but:

None of the Florida Hurricanes passed through Democratic counties.

maybe this is why:

Manley Bitter Over Bilderberg?


Manley, bitter after having been froze out of NATO in favor of a Bilderberg crony, is building a consensus within the Liberals to oust Moneybags Martin from power. Manley and Copps questioned who Martin's shadow backers were, and Manley withdrew - possibly blackmail? Bilderberg.org has the Globe & Mail article that discusses the whole thing.
Manley thought that he was a shoe-in for NATO after withdrawing, but Martin vouched for fellow Bildie, Mr. Hoop de Scheffer.

Bush uses Christian-based Mind Control language, Prof says


Finally, some confirmation of the conspiracy theories raised by www.c0balt.com and www.cuttingedge.org - particularly these articles, one of which I wrote:




Even if it's not mind control, the subliminality of the key words used by Bush characterize him as "Christian".

Friday, September 24

It gets worse.

I was going through the Goebbels speech, changing "Hitler" to "Bush" to see what the outcome would be. Turns out, it's already been done - at the RNC.

It turns out that the speech was delivered by Sen. Zell Miller at the 2004 Republican National Convention, and Harry Brown had changed things FROM Bush TO Hitler as an excercise.


Can It Happen Here?

Wait a minute.

It is happening here.Americans have already lost many liberties at home as the President has decided he can cancel the right to a trial, the right to counsel, the right to confront one's accusers, the right to privacy in one's email, phone conversations, and bank accounts. And Americans have watched as the American military has invaded foreign countries. Afghanistan and Iraq. And all to the accompaniment of cheering crowds.In fact, the speech I quoted above didn't come from Joseph Goebbels. It was delivered by an American Senator Zell Miller at the Republican convention last week. I had to change only a few words in order to disguise the source. Republicans cheered Miller enthusiastically even as he quoted Franklin Roosevelt saying, "All private plans, all private lives, have been in a sense repealed by an overriding public danger."The news media focused on Miller's attacks on John Kerry. They should have been focusing on Miller's attacks on America - America the land of the free, the land of the Bill of Rights, the land that is sinking away from us."


Seig Heil!

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, I wrote a paper in my political science class on comparative politics. As a joke, I did it on the Nazi Regime and its comparisons to the NeoCon Regime. It spooked the hell out of me. So did this.

Lew Rockwell muses on the shape of Tyranny in America


"I've long wondered what tyranny in US would look like. We're not there yet, despite the constant hyperventilating of some to the contrary. The Bush Administration rather sits atop the state in much the same way Napoleon III sat atop his as more potential tyrant than kinetic. Team Bush lacks the imagination and nerve necessary for real tyranny. It views the state merely as a thing to loot, to hand over to one's friends in great big sloppy globs because there are no real consequences attached. It is something you trash in a drunken, drug-ridden spree and laugh about the hazy half-memories the morning after. And nothing more. Because the bills are always paid by someone else...."

Bush Hailed as King at UN

aljazeerah.info or rense.com

Maybe the guy who called GW "His Excellency" was referring to Bush's blue aristocratic bloodlines, or perhaps, Bush was anointed king at the Bilderberg meeting this year.

Thursday, September 23

The Story that CBS Didn't Run

In a twist of irony, CBS's program 60 minutes turned down a 30 minute segment on a different set of falsified documents related to the Bush Administration. - the falsified documents allegedly planted within Nigerian intel by a still unidentified italian intelligence officer. The documents were originally hailed as solid evidence that Iraq had sought out uranium from Nigeria after George Bush stated so in his State of the Union Address.

Now, the CBS false documents related to Bush's National Guard days reek of an effective psychological operation that could be termed a "mental inoculation". Now that CBS has lost credibility due to reportage based on faulty information, one can only wonder if the documents were planted in an attempt to divert resources and attention away from the falsified Nigerian documents. Now that CBS has zero credibility, nobody cares about what they may have to say concerning WMD's in Iraq. as
www.libertythink.com points out, http://www.libertythink.com/2004/09/rove-those-documents.html


TRUNews Is Here

Welcome to TRUNews.

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