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Thursday, September 30

About Face: Russia Approves Kyoto

What the hell happened? Russia decides to approve Kyoto in one heck of an about-face. Maybe Putin is giving Bush the middle finger of sorts. As this article suggests:

the timing of the signing (on not signing) as well as of the events surrounding the signing itself could have tremendous political implications for US presidential politics. Bush has already been challenged on his anti Kyoto stance by individuals, environmentalists, environmental groups, and his own environmental agencies and by city and state governments as well. Such opposition could be fortified, when as well as if Putin signs the protocol."

So, with all the hurricanes in the US and Mt. St. Helen ready to pop its cork, it certainly appears to be an opportune time to make George Bush look like Earth enemy # 1. Another hint at the timing is that this revelation comes just as Kerry and Bush are set to debate eachother in the great Presidential debate. A couple of Master Debaters they are, I doubt that Kyoto will come up between either of them.

Note: Russia may have been moving toward Kyoto since this past May, when Putin met with EU comissioner Romano Prodi

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