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Monday, September 27

Japan in a Sea of Fire

Yesterday, North Korea warned the USA that if it were to attack it in any way, Japan would be immersed in a nuclear sea of fire. Currently, several US and Japan destroyers are being positioned near Korea. Recent news reports say that this is in response to North Korea's recent test launch of a ballistic weapon. I find it interesting that now the US Administration is concerned about Iran's possible plans in building a nuclear weapon yet continues to ignore the fact that North Korea already has one and constantly is threatening to use it. What I find interesting is that a colleague of mine informed me last year that after the 2004 elections, the USIranIran in 2005. If you news Google the IRAN NUCLEAR keywords you begin to see how the case is currently being built up. My bets is that in the spring of '05 there will be a 'dire threat' to the free world from Iran and that we all must rally behind the USA in their attempts to 'free' us from this threat. poses to the free world because of its WMD. Consequently, he told me that the Bush Administration will use a pre-emptive strike on administration would begin 'fabricating' claims about the imminent threat of danger that

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