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Wednesday, September 29

Libertythink.com on the Rise of the Fourth Reich

The Transcript of the Buchanan interview is available at Liberty Forum.

It basically says what my confidante LENNY BLOOM has been saying for a long time: the ultimate goal of this Skull & Bones Nazi infiltration of the American Government is to install a military dictatorship and reduce the role of president to a civil one. But if George W. Bush is already a mind-controlled slave for these people, do they really need to do that?

Here's an exceprt that TBF of Libertythink.com has skillfully culled:

"Prescott Bush led a group called the American Liberty League in a treasonous conspiracy with JP Morgan and the DuPont family. He tried to overthrow the U.S. government. I've got the documents. They were going to abolish the presidency, make it a civil position, which was a dictatorship. And they were going to kill FDR. One of the transcripts that I have - and I would even be happy to read some of it on the air now. They talked about Hitler being right. And that because the communists were such a threat to the U.S., that they were going to have to start rounding up unruly, unemployed people from the depression and uncooperative World War I veterans, who wanted the bonus they had been promised by Herbert Hoover and never got, and put them into internment camps."

Whether you believe it or not, there are REX-84 internment camps right here in Canada, folks, one of which is rumored to be in Cold Lake Alberta.

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