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Thursday, September 23

The Story that CBS Didn't Run

In a twist of irony, CBS's program 60 minutes turned down a 30 minute segment on a different set of falsified documents related to the Bush Administration. - the falsified documents allegedly planted within Nigerian intel by a still unidentified italian intelligence officer. The documents were originally hailed as solid evidence that Iraq had sought out uranium from Nigeria after George Bush stated so in his State of the Union Address.

Now, the CBS false documents related to Bush's National Guard days reek of an effective psychological operation that could be termed a "mental inoculation". Now that CBS has lost credibility due to reportage based on faulty information, one can only wonder if the documents were planted in an attempt to divert resources and attention away from the falsified Nigerian documents. Now that CBS has zero credibility, nobody cares about what they may have to say concerning WMD's in Iraq. as
www.libertythink.com points out, http://www.libertythink.com/2004/09/rove-those-documents.html


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