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Thursday, September 30

Terrorists Nabbed in Red Mercury Plot

News of The World has uncovered a plot by a Saudi businessman to buy Red Mercury.

I remember reading about this Red Mercury a while ago on Rense. It's a radioactive isotope derived from Mercury that is undetectable by Geiger meters, and how Saddam may have gotten a hold of these weapons out of Russia.

There could be thousands of red mercury bombs the size of basketballs across the US and Europe ready to go off on some calculated date, such as the Winds of Black Death that were associated with the Madrid Bombings last March.

As this article asks: If the CIA says that Red Mercury does not exist, why are so many terrorists trying to procure it?

Just days ago, a terrorist was foiled in his plot to buy Red Mercury. Guess what? Their boss was a Saudi Arabian and their banker a Goan.

The Journalist who uncovered the whole plot, Mazer Mahmood, seems like a pretty hardcore investigator.

Wait. It gets worse, The Saudi Government is still dealing with several Lawsuits in the US that claim it had a hand in the events of 9-11. Guess who their defendant is? Former Secretary of State under G.H.W. Bush, James Baker.

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