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Monday, October 11

3rd Presidential Debate on Wednesday, October 13th

So the 3rd Presidential Debate at Arizona State University is set to coincide on October 13th with what David Booth says is the "Beginning of the End". Should some calamity hit that day, Bush and Kerry will be within spitting distance of Command Central for the entire US Forces, Fort Huachuca, AZ. Some readers may have heard of Huachuca before, as Maj. Gen. Barb Fast - of Abu Ghraib fame - is slated to take command of the Intelligence center there (more...). Huachuca is also the source of the training manual used by Abu Ghraib Soldiers to torture so-called terrorists. On one hand, the base is the nerve center for the NSA, but by corrollary, it is also the #1 target for a nuke strike. It is very interesting that the 3rd Presidential Debate should be held in a State that houses such a controversial Military base; even more so that it should coincide with David Booth's prediction of a calamity or beginning thereof.

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