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Tuesday, October 19

Anyone Can Become President of the USA?

As Michael Shore asks,


"true democracy is not a two party system. It is many parties with
different ideas that represent the will of the People, not the will of
a few very rich individuals and the corporations that they own. Why
weren’t members from other political parties, who have candidates
running for the Presidency, allowed to participate in the Presidential

Yeah, nice democracy USA. Real nice. What a joke.

Globe & Mail

Equally central to this reality is Yale itself, the breeding ground of all U.S. presidents since 1988. Here, however, pride in election outcomes far outweighs concern with civic discourse. At Beijing University in 2001, Mr. Levin could boast that "four of the last six presidents of the United States have Yale degrees." To celebrate its 300th anniversary, Yale brought back to campus all three Yale succession presidents: Mr. Bush's father, George H.W. Bush; Bill Clinton; and Mr. Bush.

Yale's pride seems boundless. This year, the Yale community seemed more pleased than puzzled as Yale grads Howard Dean, Joseph Lieberman and Mr. Kerry dominated the Democratic primaries, with Hillary Clinton waiting in the wings. When Mr. Kerry won the nomination, Yale accepted without demur that both sides of America's two-party system were now led by members of Skull and Bones, the Yale-based secret society that Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry insisted on national television is too secret to talk about.

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