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Thursday, October 7

Canadian Sailor Dead

Well this really pisses me off. I hope the Canadian Government will learn a lesson and quit buying garbage military equipment for our Royal Canadian Navy.

You know its pretty hard to be Royal when your government buys second hand submarines that have been mothballed for ten years. These subs which were just purchased from Britain just days ago were on their way back to Halifax. Even though these subs "cost too much and were not in good shape" the Canadian government ignored the fact that there has "been some chronic problems with [these] submarines."

The crewman died at Sligo hospital after arriving at 8:30pm in a critical condition, Paul Martin, the Canadian prime minister, said last night that "He gave his life serving his country and we owe his family our deepest condolences."

Perhaps, Mr. Martin, you can explain why, when you were finance minister, you made such devastating financial roll backs in the militarys finances to the point where military budgets can only afford used, second hand equipment that has been deemed unusable buy the seller.

Its Liberal ignorance like this that causes deaths for no reason. Its Liberal arrogance that destroyed our once respected military.

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