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Thursday, October 7

Dissolved Canadian Parliament Imminent?

Hey, I know I'm not confident in Paul Martin's ability to govern. Today marks what will be the first vote of confidence concerning the Martin Regime.

telus.ca :

If all Bloc and Conservative MPs turned out to vote down the Liberals, it would take only Independent MP Chuck Cadman - a former Conservative - to reach the threshold of 154 votes required to defeat the government.

Under that scenario, there could be another election unless Gov.-Gen. Adrienne Clarkson gave Conservative Leader Stephen Harper the go-ahead to try forming his own government.

That very idea has sent the NDP scurrying toward the Liberals' side of the floor.

"If it's a confidence vote we in the NDP won't play that game," NDP Leader Jack Layton said.

"We don't want an election or - even worse - to make Mr. Harper the prime minister of Canada with the support of (Bloc Quebecois Leader) Gilles Duceppe.

"And that would be the consequence."

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