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Tuesday, October 12

Flanagan: The Shadow Behind Harper

No Doubt about it: Edmonton may be the government center of Alberta (and would not exist apart from that fact) but Calgary and its hallowed halls of Big Oil is the official power center of the province. Moreover, there is a stark contrast between Political Science departments at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. Edmonton has pinko- commies whereas Calgary has raging libertarians.

Not that the alternatives such as Moneybags Martin or Jack "Gay pride moustache" Layton are any better, this article from Walrus Magazine has a few choice words for Harper and the evil Rasputin Academic named Tom Flanagan, who the left argue manipulates Harper like Cheney manipulates Bush - from behind the scenes.


"Little is know about the shadowy, sixty-year-old professor who is staying on Harper's post-election payroll as a senior advisor from Calgary. Flanagan declined to be quoted in this story. In Ottawa, where he has refused to interviews for the last three years, some journalists regard him as a modern-day Rasputin manipulating a leader sixteen years his junior. But in Calgary, one of his former students, Ezra Levant, publisher of the eight-month-old Western Standard magazine, cautions against generational cliche. These days, Levant sees Flanagan and Harper more as "symbiotic partners." But he does not disagree with a Globe and Mail report that once referred to Flanagan as the original godfather of the city's conservative intellectual mafia. "I call him Don Tomaso," Levant says, "He is the master strategist, the godfather -- even of Harper.. . . (more)"

What's especially creepy is the fact that Flanagan's buddy, Barry Cooper, " is a member of the Bohemian Club, a fraternity of Republican movers and shakers who fork out a $10,000 initiation fee to gather every year in the redwoods outside San Francisco for a policy version of summer camp. In a crowd that has included Henry Kissinger and Vice-President Dick Cheney, Cooper gives a regular talk on Canadian politics -- one reason the Calgary School's views many hold more sway in Washington than Ottawa."

Now that's interesting. Save for a reference in this article, we have in Alberta, at a Political Science Department, a Bohemia Grovesman.

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