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Thursday, October 14

IMC Server Seizure Related to Bush Blunder?

This ought to send coincidence theorists into a tizzy: the IMC seizure by the FBI might be directly related to them spreading the Bush is Wired story.

"On Oct. 7th, just days after this remarkable recording was posted on the New York Indymedia website, the UK servers which supported 20 Indymedia websites in the US were seized by intelligence services, effectively shutting down these valuable independent news sources. Is this just another amazing coincidence? BBC reported the shocking news of these seizures on Oct. 11th, stating that the FBI had seized them, though an FBI spokesman denied this. Widely reported by major media in Britain, this startling news continues to go virtually unreported in the mainstream American media. If you want a clear example of how our freedom of speech is being eroded, I highly recommend reading this BBC article at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3732718.stm"


NYC Indymedia Site in Question

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