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Friday, October 15

Jerry Golden Website Destroyed

Jerry Golden's website has been completely obliterated by a sophisticated hack. Golden's explosive essay called "The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem" was in my mind the most intense article I had ever read. The last article he had written detailed a very counter-intuitive process: Islam is the fastest-growing minority group in the West and many Jews are engaged in a mass exodus to Israel, he believes, as a result of their persecution:

The takeover of Europe and the World is underway.

The Moslem take over of Europe has been under way for the past half century; today France alone now has a reported 6 million Moslems that is about 10% of the total population. There are around 600,000 Jews living in France and they are living in fear of their lives. I know many French Jews and today the Jewish men are frightened to even wear their Kippah (Yarmulke) in public for fear of being attacked. Jewish Synagogues are being burnt and Jews are being beaten in public places with little to no interference from the police. Much like that of the days leading up to the Second World War and the Holocaust. French Jews by the thousands are buying apartments in Israel to be sure they have a place to come.

The French government has begun reacting to the threat of Islam taking over their country. For example they have banned the Moslem women from wearing headscarves and that has resulted in French citizens being kidnapped in Iraq. And out of fear the French government has opposed Turkey from being allowed into the EU for fear of an over run of Turkish Moslems throughout Europe.

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