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Friday, October 1


Now, George Bush did a pretty good job of debating John Kerry last night, especially since Bush likely had to speak and listen to Karl Rove on his earpiece. Judging from the Faces of Frustration made by Bush when Kerry ripped him a new sphincter, I'd say the Presidential Debate will be marketed by the punditocracy as a Kerry win.

Now, if this marks a comeback for John Kerry, I have two hypotheses:

1). Kerry is more of a blueblood, and in 80% of US Presidential elections, the candidate who is closest to Royalty will win. Furthermore, Bush is subject to the Zero Curse should he win, since he is a Zero year president. Maybe he doesn't want to win.

2). At the 2003 Bilderberg meeting, there was split in the global elite over Iraq. Bush may have had the opportunity to appear before the Bilderberg cronies when in Italy, in between visits with the Pope and P2 Mason Silvio Berlusconi. If you read Pepe Escobar's amazing article on the 2003 conference, the Old money of Europe is against the war and hates the NeoCon Hawks in the Whitehouse. As famed Bilderberg journalist James P. Tucker has argued, the goal of the elites is to secure control of Oil and implement a UN global oil tax. The Old monied elites are simply done with Bush and want to use Kerry as the other half of the dialectic. Bush created the problem (war) Kerry will solve it (Multilaterally through the UN), and in the end, the War is about extending the UN's power rather than compromising it.

Escobar says:

"American imperial adventures are usually rehearsed at Bilderberg meetings. Europe's elite were opposed to an American invasion of Iraq since the 2002 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. Rumsfeld himself had promised them it wouldn't happen. Last week, everybody struck back at Rumsfeld, asking about the infamous "weapons of mass destruction". Most of Europe's elite do not believe American promises that Iraq's oil will "benefit the Iraqi people". They know that revenues from Iraqi oil will be used to rebuild what America has bombed. And the debate is still raging on what kind of contracts which rewarded Bechtel and Halliburton will "benefit" Western Europe.
Europe's elite, according to those close to Bilderberg, are suspicious that the US does not need or even want a stable, legitimate central government in Iraq. When that happens, there will be no reason for the US to remain in the country. Europe's elite see the US establishing "facts on the ground": establishing a long-term military presence and getting the oil flowing again under American control. This could go on for years, as long as the Americans can guarantee enough essential services to prevent the Iraqi people from engaging in a war of national liberation. "

Lenny Bloom and Sherman Skolnick have argued, the Bilderberg dream may be to Balkanize the US:

"Their vow and purpose? To return the American continent to being dominated by the British Monarchy, with inhabitants, misquidedly calling themselves "Americans", actually subjects of The Crown. To do so, the Aristocracy, embodied in the Poor Richard's Society, has repeatedly sought to split up the United States of America into minor, warring among themselves, provinces."

So, the Bilderberg elites have backed the Kerry/Edwards ticket, and may be the ones behind Russia's Kyoto about-face. One wonders what types of arms are being twisted behind Putin's back, but perhaps Kyoto is just one step closer to a global UN oil tax for the Bilderberg crowd. The one who controls the Oil in the middle East (UN/London/Rome Axis) has an economic death grip on the US.

As Tucker has stated:

"The overall strategy of Bilderberg is to use taxpayers’ money to finance international projects from which they profit. It is called “internationalism.” In Bilderberg meetings, the elite get together to scheme profitable international ventures just this side of the line of legality. A world government would make it easier to corrupt just one group of bureaucrats, not several groups of different nations."

Therefore, Russia's intentions on ratifying Kyoto, and the timing of it all, could point down two paths:

1) Russia/Kyoto is the antithesis of what the elites want. Russia stands to gain 10 billion in carbon-trading credits, but how much more would it gain from a global oil tax?

2) Russia/Kytoto is a stepping stone to the international Fiscal federalism necessary for the Global Superstate.

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