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Monday, October 4

More on Greasy Scalia


This one is from the "things that make you go 'hmmm ...'" files.

A story that has been circulating in the conspiracy community for quite some time now holds that our back-up quarterback, Dick Cheney, has a fondness for playing "The Most Dangerous Game " [Cathy O'Brien {Trance Formation of America} and Brice Taylor were both forced to play Cheney's nude, female 'hunting prey' on separate occasions in this viscious and depraved "game". Brice also wrote about this experience with Cheney in her book, Thanks for The Memories. It's entirely possible that the the young woman mentioned below who accompanied Cheney and Scalia on this "hunting trip" and referred to as Scalia's "daughter" might be a mind controlled sex slave. Mind controlled sex slaves who reach the age of 30 are frequently killed, as they are considered too old for the job. The perpetrator's expression for this is to be "thrown from the Freedom Train". They are sometimes murdered in stanic ritual sacrifice or in snuff movies, but one wonders whether this is yet another way for some of these women victims to be disposed of. ..Ken]. In other words, he allegedly likes to, quite literally, hunt humans. Preferably young, naked, female humans. For sport.

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