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Tuesday, October 12

Nader Comments on Skull & Bones

It Seems Ralph Nader has been listening to Lenny Bloom's Cloak and Dagger Show.

High Street, New Haven, CT—October 6, 2004

New Haven, CT: George W. Bush and John Kerry have been members of the Yale secret society – Skull and Bones – since the late 60s. Hundreds of Bonesmen are in powerful positions at the top echelons of government and business. They are sworn to secrecy throughout their lives, bound together for life, says Yale’s William Sloane Coffin. Skull and Bones alumni have a common drive to get their members into “positions of power” and to have those members hire other members into similar positions of power, says Alexandra Robbins, author of the book, Secrets of the Tomb, and herself a member of another secret society at Yale.

Initiation rituals involve morbid admission of personal sexual experiences and coerced displays of sophomoric masochism and mystical mumbo jumbo, hooded robes and members carrying skulls and bombs according to a remote video of one recent ceremony. . . (more)

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