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Tuesday, October 12

Psychoanalysis of Psychos Bush and Cheney

Edwards and his Kerry-messiah complex are bad enough, but this Etherzone columnist maintains he has come across a psychoanalysis of Bush and Cheney that paints Cheney as a Raging Psycho, and Bush as a Mind-Controlled Drone.

On Cheney:

"I feel sorry for Edwards---someone who sat across a small table from a killer, who sits there glaring at him. One can provoke such an individual by standing up to him as one stands up to a bully; by countering his assertions and lies, but you have to be prepared for the horrible rage that will explode outward. I guess he wasn't prepared for that. Regardless, more people will come away terrified of Dick Cheney."

If you watched Cheney's eyes during the debate you got the meaning of what this psychiatrist said."

On Dubya:

"The President clearly suffers from a severe paranoia that causes him to greatly fear situations in which he is exposed to people hostile to his delusional viewpoints. Bush entered the debate in his own world, his own psychological shell. To make it through the debate he essentially blotted out all reality, REACTING FROM SOME KIND OF PROGRAMMED RESPONSE TO PROMPTS. WHEN THE EXPECTED PROMPTS DID NOT OCCUR HE COULD NOT FORMULATE RESPONSES AND WAS REDUCED TO MUMBLING REPETITIONS OF MEMORIZED FORMULATIONS.

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