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Monday, October 4

Punditocracy Chooses Kerry over Bush

Ah, now that the debate is over, the Punditocracy is marketing John Kerry as the winner over Bush, and we can now watch as Bush lags in the polls, with his only hope of regaining ground being manifest in a HUGE October Surprise. such as a full-out terrorist attack on the US. Too many people are too jaded for Bush to pull Osama out from his cave, and very few could ever comprehend that their Administration would use Black-Ops CIA or allow Islamic assets to use a weapon on US soil. But maybe, just maybe Mt. St. Helen is the kicker. What if some technology is being used to make it erupt? The Media headline for the next 30 days is going to concern itself with Kerry's comeback. and the Bushites will have to come up with something, such as cancelling the election altogether.

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