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Saturday, October 2

Scalia Member of Opus Dei, BOHO Grove

Geez, I wonder what kind of orgies Scalia is into. It's great to know that a chief justice could be a member of a creepy Catholic cult. Read the line that says "

What Mr. Grossman conveniently leaves out, is that he has just provided a detailed description of an ultra-conservative group that has its roots in European fascism."

Yup, the Fourth Reich of the Rich is here.

Oh, and this guy has some weird theories about Opus Dei, Mel Gibson and Mind Control. Just click on each article and the go to your browser window, click EDIT and scroll down to "find in page" the name "opus". Hint: start with the bottom article.

And finally, run a google search on scalia and bohemia grove . Or just go here:

Scalia, if he is Opus Dei, and if he is a BO-HO(mo) then he is sacrificing humans to the god molech, the same god whose adulation by Solomon caused YHWH to snap and lose it.

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