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Friday, October 8

URGENT!! St. Helen Related to Third Secret of fatima?

This Info is only 48 hours old...

Basically David Booth is saying that everything begins... next week.

Catholics believe in the "Three Days Of Darkness", also associated with American Native Prophecies, and it deals with the impending judgement of humanity which would be signalled by Volcanism in the United States. According to this interview with David Booth, Volcanism at St. Helen will be followed by an eruption at Mt. Adams.

mp3 Interview


"...it fulfills the "8 day warning" as promised by The Virgin Mary when she appeared at Garabandal, Spain in the 1960s. Booth's mentioned "ripple effect" in his vision is in harmony with Native prophecies that the "Earth Changes" will first be signaled by Volcanism (e.g. when the "Little Sister [St. Helens] speaks, the Grandfather Mountain [Adams] will speak) would begin in the Northwest (which symbolically receives the "least light") U.S.A.... the Chicaraugan Indian Prophecies of Elder Eacha Ta Eacha Na in 1939-40. It is also in harmony with many other Tribal, Quaker, Biblical and numerous other European "Three Days of Darkness" prophecies..."

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