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Sunday, October 10

US Federal Gov't to step up Canadian Border Patrols

An old military base in New York has been re-commisioned in the War of Terror. Rumors that many US Citizens are lining up at Canadian consulates to file for Canadian citizenship (thinking they will escape the possible wave of tyranny in the US) add to fuel the notion that the recent border patrols are meant to keep US Citizens IN rather than terrorists from Canada OUT.

"The new Air and Marine Operations facility in Plattsburgh was commissioned yesterday. It's one of five that will be responsible for tightening surveillance along the U-S-Canadian border.

National security is a main concern. But agents on patrol are looking for anything from low-flying planes trying to skirt radar to illegal aliens or drug runners trying to sneak over the border on snowmobiles.

Planes from the old Plattsburgh Air Force Base will patrol the border east to Maine, and along Lake Ontario and western Lake Erie."

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