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Saturday, October 16

US Government Torture

Download this pdf file and see actual, impantable RFID chips removed from a person who was the subject of mind-control experimentation.

"The secret genocide has been well thought through as a means to keep you and the mass population of the nation from discovering the truth which is millions have been killed and millions are being killed using the most obviously attacked by the electronic device described earlier. The method of hiding something so insidious being done out in the open is pure evil genius. They attack many many people out in the open to promote several agendas. One and the primary agenda is to demonstrate what they want people to understand are the symptoms of being bombarded with electronic weapons, they have such people being attacked out in the open with such extraordinary symptoms that the massive population will see those symptoms as a definition of an attack and never make the connection that the very common and non serious seemingly everyday symptoms they are experiencing are not at all related to such attacks, but they are and seriously so. The second agenda is to cause fear not in the massive population who are being kept from the truth because its under " National Security " regulations to enforce non reporting but to put deep fear into all authorities that such activity can and will go on despite even their authoritarian complaint which is stifled and generates an aura and reality of the criminals being untouchable." Excerpted from: http://www.us-government-torture.com/

This is the weirdest thing I've seen in a while.

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