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Tuesday, October 19

Vaccine Shortage a Psy-Op?

One reader at Rumor Mill News had a superb insight into the flu vaccine mess: It's designed to create demand and panic for vaccines. The Two companies who manufacture the vaccine are Chiron and Aventis. Chiron is based in California but operated a plant in the Uk, which was shut down by the British authorities.

"Now that we've been presented with the "Problem", we are now witnessing the public's "Reaction". Citizens are clamoring for and demanding action on this issue. People in the long lines are being interviewed and are complaining that in our country....in this day and age...there is no excuse for a vaccine shortage and old people standing in long lines. It's just not American. We should all have access to this "appropriate" health care. It is a divine right. If and when adequate numbers of vaccines become available, it will make our government and health officials look like infallible heroes. Our government only wants the best for us. Didn't you know that?"

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