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Saturday, October 30

Wait a minute - How Do We Know It's Really Osama?

I was
surprised to see that the Canadian Media is actually questioning the
authenticity of the latest Osama bin Laden video. How DO we know it's
authentic? Let's make two propositions:

1. The video is authentic, and Old Sammy bin Ladle is trying to sway voters. The punditocracy has mixed views - some say Osama favors Bush because religious fundamentalists work better together, while others say that Osama prefers Kerry. Osama, for the first time has taken credit for 9-11, and even implicates himself with Mohammed Atta, which is very crucial. Asking "who benefits?" is useless, because the only thing this video will do is polarize voters even more. We may not see the outcome of this election until march, 2005, and there will likely be some old-fashioned riots in the streets over the outcome - no matter which way.

2. Osama is still on the Mi6/CIA/Mossad payroll and the timing of the video suggests that, while it may have been taped a long time ago, bin Laden is likely already in US custody. The Video was possibly intercepted by US intelligence and they postponed its delivery to Al-Jazeera to coincide with the US election - it's an October Surprise Psy-op of the greatest magnitude. Worse yet, it may have been made by the CIA to take voter attention away from the US economy. As a concession, Osama gets up and waves his finger, and in return, gets to chill on the beach in Tora Bora until the CIA drags out a prosthetic Osama head on a plate. Let's hope truth isn't stranger than fiction.

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