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Monday, October 25

Where Are You Young Lions


Where are those who changed the course
Of modern history?
Who fought for noble causes
And set the black man free.
Who brought the war in Vietnam
‘to a sudden crashing end
America’s youthful men no more
spilling blood upon a foreign shore.
Where are those young lions
Who held the government in check?
By constant vigilance, they yoked the ruler’s neck?

Where are you young lions?
Your country needs your voice.
If you truly are the Boomers
The ones so aptly followed,
It’s time to take another stand
Or are you all so hollow?
There is more to this than mortgages
Retirement and savings funds
The future of our country
Might have to come to guns.

Where are you, young lions?
Those who promised change,
is this your 60’s Utopia?
Peace, love, sharing
for all within our range?

Wake up you young lions
For your country is soon to fall.
Heed the words of Justice,
Liberty and Truth for all.
Many of you young lions
Are now toothless
And many of you are gray,
DO not sit by idly
As your country slips away.

I pray to God for salvation
And that you are not too old to fight
Your country is being stolen
A bit more every night.

Wake up you young lions
and rally to the cause
Of taking back our country
From those who kill our laws.
Or are you like the others?
All equally to blame.
Many of your age group
Have caused this country shame.

Is this what you envisioned?
Is this what you had planned?
Is it all just simply greed
and owning other’s lands?

Come on again young lions,
Your country needs your roar.
Help us young lions,
Heed your country’s call.

By W.K Oct 25th/04

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