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Sunday, November 7

4 More Wars: Yanks Pound Fallujah

Four More Wars - now that the US has been given a mandate, it can act with impunity. Fallujah first, Iran second and then North Korea. All followed by WWIII, of course. I wonder if they'll use Diebold voting machines in Iraq's election.

"Yahoo.com - Allawi declared the state of emergency across Iraq (news - web sites), except the region of Kurdistan, to ensure security before the Jan. 27 elections President Bush (news - web sites) says will be a cornerstone in building a democratic Iraq.

"This will send a very powerful message that we are serious," Allawi told reporters of the martial law decree.

"We want to secure the country so elections can be done in a peaceful way."

Giving itself power to declare emergency rule, equivalent to martial law, was one of the first things the government did after replacing the U.S.-led administration on June 28. But this is the first time it has used the power."

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