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Tuesday, November 9

No Shocker: Ashcroft Resigns

CNN Reports:
"Some sources have said that Ashcroft's health would be a factor in his decision. The attorney general suffered from pancreatitis earlier this year, and had his gallbladder removed."

"Civil libertarians were outraged in 2002 when Ashcroft proposed the creation of Operation TIPS. It was meant to encourage government employees to report suspicious behaviour but was eventually dropped.

An article in the Nation, a left-leaning U.S. magazine, noted that of 5,000 detentions for suspected terrorist-related activity, not one person had been convicted on Ashcroft's watch."

The Times:
Mr. Ashcroft, a former Missouri senator and governor, used a five-page handwritten letter to Mr Bush to claim victory in his front on the War on Terror. “The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved,” he said.

Mr Evans is a long-time friend and former drinking buddy of Mr Bush who played a key role in his conversion to teetotalism and religion."


What a waste of bandwidth, print and media. Every Cabinet Minister tends a resignation because it's up to the Prez to decide who stays and goes. Now, if Ashcroft were named Chief Justice - that would be a worthwhile waste of resources to devote to telling a relevant story.

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