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Monday, November 1

RFID in $20

Recent speculation regarding the notion that the new Canadian ($20) twenty dollar bill may contain a secret RFID -- which apparently is recording personal information -- is false.

This story seemed to have signifigance when AIM (Authentic Idetification and Mobility) association issued a press release attempting to disprove the rumor. According to AIM's Jim Mullen, the increased talk about this situation caused him to want to make sure that people knew "the truth" while commerce website Line65.com claimed that they were "urban legends" and "suggest[ed]conspiracies are afoot."

The myth surrounds rumors of the twenty dollar bill exploiding when cooked in the microwave. Apparently the rumor states that the bills are encoded with a RFID chip which is recording personal information and the note is being tracked by the government. Line65 went on to say that "AIM repeated the experiment by warming a new $20 bill in a microwave set to high for one minute with no deleterious effect."

Line65.com also stated "that because some people had begun wrapping their money in aluminum foil" caused Mullen to debunk the theory who mentioned that he'd seen "some press on this RFID non-issue" and figured people should be aware of these "conspiracies."

While no scientific expermient which could identify the mysterious RFID chip Have been published or documented; Line65 noted that "casual examination under light would reveal the presence of any embedded chip and antenna.


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