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Thursday, November 25

US to Annex Canada?

:: Libertythink :: Encouraging Cognitive Liberty in an Age of Statist Propaganda ::

Here it is: the real reason for Bush's visit to Canada. The First Martin/Bush meeting was to funnel money into shutting down anti-Queen media outlets, which is why we have seen Vancouver.indymedia.org get infiltrated by CSIS/Neo-Nazis, and why Cloak and Dagger was torn off the air by the same guy who took Howard Stern off-air TWICE. Unfortunately, the only extensive report available on this topic was at C0balt.com, but this too has suddenly been rendered offline. Why?

Canada is about to be ANNEXED by the Divided States of Embarassment, the UNISTAT. Bush and Martin will likely be discussing a manufactured crisis that will bring Canada under the security wing of the US Military Establishment. It will likely involve a joint military draft of Canadian youth in exchange for aid to help out Canada's ailing military. Martin issued huge cuts to many areas of Canada's national infrastructure when he was Finance Minister, and his solutions will likely be with the US getting more involved with its defence. With billions of dollars up north in the Oilsands, you can bet that the US wants to keep China the hell out of there.

Keep your Eye on the Bush-Martin meeting. There's more to it than meets the eye.

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