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Wednesday, December 29

Stingy US A Fabricated Story

The Gadflyer: Fly Trap

Wow. Now that's journalistic Integrity, WSJ, Washington Times.

WSJ, Washington Times capitalize on tsunami tragedy.
Joshua Holland (2:48PM) link

As jaded as I am, it's still surprising to catch an American newspaper--even an ideological rag like the Washington Times--blatantly fabricating a story out of whole cloth.

But that's just what Bill Sammon did in today's edition.

His headline reads: 'U.N. official slams U.S. as 'stingy' over aid.' But if you think somewhere in the piece there'd be a comment criticizing the U.S. for being, I dunno, 'stingy over aid,' you'd be wrong. Sammon couldn't pull a quote because the 'slam' simply never occured.

Here's the jist of the Times story:

U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland suggested that the United States and other Western nations were being "stingy" with relief funds, saying there would be more available if taxes were raised.

"It is beyond me why are we so stingy, really," the Norwegian-born U.N. official told reporters. "Christmastime should remind many Western countries at least, [of] how rich we have become."

Note how 'stingy' is in quotes in the first graph and 'the United States and other Western nations' is not. That's because Egeland referred to 'wealthy states' and 'donor states,' but at no time did he single out the United States. In fact, when a reporter asked Egeland to name the countries he believed to be "stingy," he pointedly declined to do so (you can stream the 48-minute press conference with RealPlayer and see for yourself).

Tsunami Another Manufactured Crisis?

Democracy Now! | Aceh: A Victim of Tsunami & Occupation; Will the Indonesian Army Use the Tsunami As A Cover to Continue Its Slaughter of the People of Aceh?

"The disaster is killing thousands in Ache but the Indonesian military has been doing that for years. Now activists fear the Indonesian military will use the disaster as a cover to further the killing of the Acehnese and that the Pentagon may use the disaster as an excuse to restore aid to the Indonesian military which was blocked after the military's massacre in East Timor in 1999."

But maybe that's just a bunch of wild-eyed lefty rhetoric.

The sheer devastation caused by tidal waves that swept through north Sumatra four days ago has finally forced the government to admit that its long-standing military offensive is no longer viable in Aceh.

“For the time being, practically speaking, the ‘civil emergency’ is no longer effective in Aceh because the province no longer has its local government. The provincial government has been taken over by the central government. The acting Governor, as the party in charge of daily affairs, will act in coordination with the Home Affairs Minister and a relevant director general,” said Vice President Jusuf Kalla at his official residence on Wednesday (29/12/04).

If the earthquake was manufactured, and if the province of Acheh was the earthquake's ground zero, then the Indonesian government no longer has to worry about the Timorese.

The death toll in Indonesia from Sunday's giant earthquake and tsunami has risen to almost 33,000.

Great tracts of land in Aceh province are still under surging ocean and at the moment there is still no word from many isolated communities.

However officials have warned the casualty figures would jump even higher - once contact is finally made with the area emerging as the quake's ground zero.

Nevertheless, it seems Bush has already found a way to capitalize on human tragedy by advancing more military aid to the Indonesian Government, something Congress has been dead against for some time now:


U.S. President George W. Bush said his nation has joined with India, Australia and Japan in a coalition to coordinate worldwide relief and reconstruction efforts.

He promised U.S. military manpower and long-term rebuilding assistance.

The best thing to ask in a situation like this is "Cui bono?" or "who Benefits?".

"Re-starting the lucrative Indonesia-U.S. arms pipeline and roping in a potential ally against what some in the Bush Administration see as their future competitor--- China---overshadows greasing the palms of local Indonesian military commanders. Indonesia could be an important link in the chain of bases and allies the U.S. is forging in Asia. Australia, the Philippines, Japan, and India have already signed up for the U.S. anti-missile system. The Bush Administration says it is directed at North Korea, but the Chinese are convinced it targets their small missile fleet."


The size and location of Indonesia make it a major actor in Asian diplomacy and politics, and for this reason the United States maintains a strong bilateral relationship with Indonesia and has been the lead sponsor of the recent international economic assistance. However, Indonesia until recently was an undemocratic country, with a poor human rights record. In addition, Indonesia invaded and illegally annexed East Timor in 1975. For these reasons, many citizens and members of Congress have opposed the United States’ role as a leading source of weapons and military training as well as millions of dollars in economic aid during the current crisis for the Jakarta regime.

. . .

Historically, the United States has been a leading supporter of the Indonesian military. The United States has sold $1.25 billion dollars worth of weaponry to Indonesia since 1975. The U.S. has also provided some for of security assistance virtually every year since 1950, including $388 million in grants and loans to pay for U.S. arms.

Contrast this with what the US is putting up in humaitarian aid:

Washington Times

"A United Nations official yesterday backpedaled from his claim that the United States is being "stingy" in its response to the Asian earthquake disaster after Secretary of State Colin L. Powell disputed the remark.
"The United States is not stingy," Mr. Powell said as the United States increased its initial package of disaster relief from $15 million to $35 million.
"We will do more," he added during a round of morning TV interviews. "I wish that comment hadn't been made." "

Read more on US-Indonesia Military ties here.

Houston Dec 27th Theory a Hoax? -It is Now.

Wow. Jeff Wells is amazing.
 The latest installment of the "Voice," dated Dec 27, includes this interesting nod to those who've followed the "German Guy" story:

We have a number of faked IPs that permit government stool pigeons to send out reams of pro-Bush and pro-government propaganda to sympathetic bloggers and right-wing websites. A false vox populi but sometimes effective. Also, the psychology boys are now busy inventing weird conspiracy theories to put out to the boobery to keep their minds off of the growing and deadly disasters now beginning to loom over the heads of the Administration such as the Iraq mess and the even more serious financial crisis about to ruin all of us. (Incidentally, I took all of our savings and put them equally into Canadian dollars and the euro. I am hedging my bets here.)

These bright boys, working with the Rove people, are starting stories about weather control, a new Ice Age, the spread of SARS, Mad Cow (but only in Canada as a way of punishing them for daring to harbor US deserters), weird plots to blow up US cities and so on.

These nut stories seem to have a life of their own on the net and are eagerly accepted while the real plottings can go on behind the scenes. There is no doubt that we are going to have a draft and after that, an invasion of Iran and Syria…if Bush , Rove and the neocons have their collective, evil, way.

I've bitten my tongue for a while now regarding my suspicion that the author of "The Voice from the White House" is actually the counterfeiter Gregory Douglas, because it was nothing but suspicion. (And "The Voice" tells a good story, so it's compelling to believe him a genuine insider, who confirms our worst fears. It has caused many to overlook the uncomfortable fact that TBRNews is a site which supports Holocaust denial.) But the allusion to the "German Guy" story suggests to me he's now tipped his hand.

Earthquake Was a Scalar/Nuclear Weapon?

DefenseLINK News: Secretary Cohen With Senators Nunn and Lugar - April 28, 1997

Agent MKWB has recently posted commentary on Henry Makow's exposition of "The German Guy's" piece on the Dec. 27th Terror attack that was supposed to hit Dallas.

I have been trying to weave this one together and have come to a couple of conclusions, the first of which relates to the possibility that this was a scalar or nuclear weapon used instead of attacking a US destination. Like the WTC attack, the Tsunami killed persons of all nationalities and is accomplishing the globalist goal of fostering a sense of common humanity in the face of crisis.

Total411.info has two startling discoveries:

1. This was foretold by Secretary of Defence William Cohen as early as 1997:

DoD News Briefing; Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen Monday, April 28, 1997 - 8:45 a.m. EDT:

Q: Let me ask you specifically about last week's scare here in Washington, and what we might have learned from how prepared we are to deal with that (inaudible), at B'nai Brith.

A: Well, it points out the nature of the threat. It turned out to be a false threat under the circumstances. But as we've learned in the intelligence community, we had something called -- and we have James Woolsey here to perhaps even address this question about phantom moles. The mere fear that there is a mole within an agency can set off a chain reaction and a hunt for that particular mole which can paralyze the agency for weeks and months and years even, in a search. The same thing is true about just the false scare of a threat of using some kind of a chemical weapon or a biological one. There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least. Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real."

2. The German Guy May have acutally averted the Houston attack due to the Heisenberg Principle:

"The Heisenberg principle states that that which is being observed changes just by peing observed. Physicist Heisenberg made note of this phenomenon in regard to say, atoms being observed by photons; but its application is nigh universal."

Due to the Heisenberg Principle, the German Guy, regardless of whether he was a hoax, actually may have averted the crisis and caused it to shift to "Plan B", the Tsunami, possibly using a nuclear device.

If a Nuclear Device was used, it was possibly a Nuclear Test by the Iranian government, or a US-led initiative.

1. The Quake Hit on the anniversary of the Iran Quake in Bam. Iran's OTHER quake, however, may have been caused by nuclear testing in Russia.

"in 1978 an earthquake killed 25,000 persons in Tabas, Iran. Thirty-six hours before the earthquake, Russia had tested a large nuclear bomb at Semipalatinsk, about 1,500 miles away. The Iranian quake was shallow like the Russian test. The Tabas quake differed from most natural earthquakes in that there were no apparent after-shocks.(14)"

2. The animation at the dailykos website definitely looks like a bomb. I remember this PBS special called "Bombing Nazi Dams" which showed how the Allies were the first to discover that bombs actually amplify their power when placed underwater. If this was a nuclear test, then Iran is the likely suspect, due to the anniversary of its own earthquake. But how the hell would Iran get a nuke all the way out into the Indian Ocean?

Perhaps it was made out of Red Mercury. Mahzer Mahmood of News of the World has recently uncovered a bomb plot using Red Mercury, as substance the CIA says does not exist, yet so many terrorists seem so keen on acquiring.

3. It is possible that a similar cabal of power that was behind the WTC attacks is behind this one:

“Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces will be appraised…Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.”
Illuminati strategist and front man Zbigniew Brzezinski writing in “Between Two Ages” 1970. "

According to globalresearch.ca, the US Government may have already acquired this capability.

Jeff Wells, however, has some serious doubts concerning the validity of "The German Guy".

The latest installment of the "Voice," dated Dec 27, includes this interesting nod to those who've followed the "German Guy" story:

We have a number of faked IPs that permit government stool pigeons to send out reams of pro-Bush and pro-government propaganda to sympathetic bloggers and right-wing websites. A false vox populi but sometimes effective. Also, the psychology boys are now busy inventing weird conspiracy theories to put out to the boobery to keep their minds off of the growing and deadly disasters now beginning to loom over the heads of the Administration such as the Iraq mess and the even more serious financial crisis about to ruin all of us. (Incidentally, I took all of our savings and put them equally into Canadian dollars and the euro. I am hedging my bets here.)

These bright boys, working with the Rove people, are starting stories about weather control, a new Ice Age, the spread of SARS, Mad Cow (but only in Canada as a way of punishing them for daring to harbor US deserters), weird plots to blow up US cities and so on.

These nut stories seem to have a life of their own on the net and are eagerly accepted while the real plottings can go on behind the scenes. There is no doubt that we are going to have a draft and after that, an invasion of Iran and Syria…if Bush , Rove and the neocons have their collective, evil, way.

I've bitten my tongue for a while now regarding my suspicion that the author of "The Voice from the White House" is actually the counterfeiter Gregory Douglas, because it was nothing but suspicion. (And "The Voice" tells a good story, so it's compelling to believe him a genuine insider, who confirms our worst fears. It has caused many to overlook the uncomfortable fact that TBRNews is a site which supports Holocaust denial.) But the allusion to the "German Guy" story suggests to me he's now tipped his hand.

This is the statagem of Misinformation agents. Regardless of whether or not Greg Douglas is the "German Guy" and regardless of his history as a counterfeiter, it does not exclude the possibility that the guy is still a misinformation agent.

Tactics of Minsinformation Agents Include:

1. Deceiving the defenders of liberty into supporting hoaxes.
2. Dividing the defenders of liberty into fighting each other by creating strife among patriots.
3. Deceiving the defenders of liberty into creating class struggle by promoting ethnic hatred.
4. Attempting to waste the time of patriots, by forcing them to respond to personal attacks, or endless debate about trivia.
5. Using multiple aliases to create the appearance that there is someone, who believes them to be credible.
6. ABOVE ALL: Accusing the most effective patriots of being false opposition.

Wells is probably right about this all being a hoax, however, it still may have been a red herring to throw people off the true path. The Real Path, known to the Pentagon, is that most of the coming terror will be in the form of natural disasters:

Common Dreams Excerpt:

Key findings of the Pentagon Report
· Future wars will be fought over the issue of survival rather than religion, ideology or national honor.

· By 2007 violent storms smash coastal barriers rendering large parts of the Netherlands inhabitable. Cities like The Hague are abandoned. In California the delta island levees in the Sacramento river area are breached, disrupting the aqueduct system transporting water from north to south.

· Between 2010 and 2020 Europe is hardest hit by climatic change with an average annual temperature drop of 6F. Climate in Britain becomes colder and drier as weather patterns begin to resemble Siberia.

· Deaths from war and famine run into the millions until the planet's population is reduced by such an extent the Earth can cope.

· Riots and internal conflict tear apart India, South Africa and Indonesia.

· Access to water becomes a major battleground. The Nile, Danube and Amazon are all mentioned as being high risk.

· A 'significant drop' in the planet's ability to sustain its present population will become apparent over the next 20 years.

· Rich areas like the US and Europe would become 'virtual fortresses' to prevent millions of migrants from entering after being forced from land drowned by sea-level rise or no longer able to grow crops. Waves of boatpeople pose significant problems.

· Nuclear arms proliferation is inevitable. Japan, South Korea, and Germany develop nuclear-weapons capabilities, as do Iran, Egypt and North Korea. Israel, China, India and Pakistan also are poised to use the bomb.

· By 2010 the US and Europe will experience a third more days with peak temperatures above 90F. Climate becomes an 'economic nuisance' as storms, droughts and hot spells create havoc for farmers.

· More than 400m people in subtropical regions at grave risk.

· Europe will face huge internal struggles as it copes with massive numbers of migrants washing up on its shores. Immigrants from Scandinavia seek warmer climes to the south. Southern Europe is beleaguered by refugees from hard-hit countries in Africa.

· Mega-droughts affect the world's major breadbaskets, including America's Midwest, where strong winds bring soil loss.

· China's huge population and food demand make it particularly vulnerable. Bangladesh becomes nearly uninhabitable because of a rising sea level, which contaminates the inland water supplies.

Read the CIA (not the pentagon) Report Here.

Download the EMS Pentagon Report by Peter Scwartz (Royal Dutch-Shell and Consultant to the CIA report) Here.

Terrorist Attack on the 27th?


Dear Henry,

Can't help but notice something. It's been going around the net but here's something I've put together. The earthquake that hit Asia 2 days back occurred at EXACTLY the same day and close to the same hour as the one that hit Iran EXACTLY a year ago.

You can compare the dates yourself: activistchat.com/earthquake/ and www.volcanolive.com/earthquake6.html

Is this an amazing coincidence or what? We apparently do have the power to cause earthquakes. Look up something called 'HAARP.' Apparently as best I remember something about this, earthquakes can be caused by placing highly explosive bombs along fault lines.

Coincidentally coming after Christmas after these warnings by this 'German guy' about a major terrorist incident occuring after Christmas in late December or more precisely it's said Dec. 27th, concerning something 'nuclear'.

Now putting two and two together, could it be that this latest earthquake, the worst in 40 years with a death toll that could eventaully exceed 100,000, damaging land, crops and could result in an epidemic be caused not naturally, but by human means? Placing a nuclear device along a fault line? Wouldn't this perhaps be the most horrible terrorist incident ever if it were true?

The Bible predicted worse earthquakes to occur and increase in frequency, in fact it was Jesus Himself who said such things would occur in 'divers places.' As well we should also take a look at the passage in Revelation 16:18. "There were noises and thunderings and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since men were on earth."

It is said that the illuminati and shadow governments would perhaps achieve their goals and do so by following biblical prophecy. Perhaps all 'Houston' and other cities this German guy intercepted were only code for something else. I can't put my mind past this. If now we do posess the technology to begin 'natural disasters' then may God help us. The situation with these powerful people is worse than we might ever concieve!


Commenting on the writer from today regarding the Tsunami in Asia, I am sure those 4 hurricanes which swept across our state this year were not natural at all either. Were they manipulated to strike blows on our agriculture industry in Florida? We were hit with an X shape criss-cross over our state, unprecedented. And right over the Central area where the produce comes from. The Feds over the years already cut down (illegally) most citrus trees in residential areas of S. Florida under the pretense that 'citrus canker' must be stopped or it will spread and kill trees.

Yet, one can buy an anti-canker poison at Home Depot and be done with it. Our industry has been decimated deliberately, and increasingly we need to import fruit from NAFTA nations south of us. Point is, with all these experiments in weather weapons and the Money Power's love for creating chaos on Earth, I would not be shocked if they have done this mess in Asia. They create the problem, and then offer THEIR solution (a one-world socialist nightmare).

Incidentally, the earthquake your contributor refers to, THE earthquake of Revelations, supposedly occurs when Christ touches the Earth in Jerusalem on the Olive Mount at the Second Coming, causing a quake that will create a river to flow through that city.

Tuesday, December 28

Rumsfeld says 9-11 plane 'shot down' in Pennsylvania

WorldNetDaily: Rumsfeld says 9-11 plane 'shot down' in Pennsylvania

It gets progressively more difficult to keep the big lie going in full-force.

VA7U0465.JPG photo - hellmut issels photos at pbase.com

VA7U0465.JPG photo - hellmut issels photos at pbase.com

Photos of the Tsunami that hit south east Asia.

Tuesday, December 21

Warrenkommishoner on Christmas

As December 25th nears and the frenzy of harried shoppers, consumers or termites reaches a crescendo, I wonder how many people have actually noticed the subtle hijacking of Christmas? The santization of an official national holiday, but a very significant religious holiday that is not only spiritual, cultural but ingrained into the fabric of our society, is rapidly upon us.
Everywhere you go to do your shopping you are greeted with large scale banners, "happyholidays", "seasons greetings", Jingle Bell rock musak, the capitulation of even the media joining the destruction of Christmas, along with the schools santizing the Christmas message with "Winter Festivals", ad nauseum." Bah fackin' humbug!!!!
Heavens knows we do not want to offend any of our friends of other cultures or even hum a Christmas tune aloud, lest we set them off into absolute meltdown upon hearing "Oh Holy Night"
To be politcally correct you must greet everyone with a hearty "Happy Holidays", or, "Seasons Greetings", and make sure your Christmas cards do not reflect any other message. Make sure you put up your "festive lights" on the outside of your house, and no, Baby Jesus and the Manger scenes should not be displayed on your front lawn, just in case the Kristmas Kops decide to pay you a visit. Snowmen are ok, and i think reindeer make the passing grade. Just make sure you also take down the Santa Clause pictures cause ol' St. Nick is actually a bonafide saint in church lore. Better still, erect one huge illuminated, colorful dollar sign on the front lawn, because if we continue blindly following 'those people' behind the elimination of Christmas, then really the 'holiday gift giving' just becomes one huge spending orgy of material excess.
Make the event memorable as you drive down to the Xmas tree lot with your family to pick out the "Winter Holiday Tree". Just make sure you don't buy one from the local boyscout troop, as their organizations have their own set of intolerable exclusions, if you know what i mean. And no Angels or Stars atop the festive holiday tree, either, das verbotten!!!
Whether a person is of a different faith or culture, they should be as tolerable and eager to learn about my culture as I am interested in understanding theirs, but not at the expense of one another. I am not offended by their celebrations, why should they be of mine. Or is their some underlying reason for this Christmas exclusion assault?
Seems like even most mainstream Christian churches are slowly being seduced and are missing what is actually happening here.
Folks time to wake up, you are like the frog in the pot, slowly being boiled alive, a few degrees at a time. Don't believe me? Open your eyes you Sheeple, take off the blinders and LOOK the next time in the shopping malls. Count the stores who have cooperated in this sanitization of our National Holiday.
You say, '"oh, gee, what can i do, I'm just one person?" You can be like me, i answer with my wallet!!!!. You are the consumer, you hold the keys and the power to the destruction of those who wish to De-Christmasize Christmas. Shop only at those chains who openly support Christmas. Hell, even though I don't agree with all that Wal-Mart stands for at least their Suits have the balls to brazenly display Merry Christmas in the store!! Show the corporate suits that pay homage to those undermining special interest groups, and the shareholders as well, that THEY, cannot and will not hijack Christmas. Their fat bonuses and year end dividends depend upon you blindly spending your wallet dry and your credit cards maxed out. You want it to stop, then don't support them!! That is what you can do. If one can do it so can you, and if two can do it, so can another, and another and it starts a snowball rolling which picks up speed and size as it hurtles across the continent. That is how you regain your Christmas, whether it is the Nativity Scene and the birth of Jesus or just the child like belief of Santa Claus and the wonderment of a child's eyes during Christmas, these are part of our culture, and our heritage, whether religious or not.
Otherwise, if you sit back and get slowly 'boiled to death' in that ever increasing temperature in the pot of water, Christmas will be simply a folklore in two generations.
If all it becomes is simply a fourth quarter driver to encourage you to 'spend' for the large corporations to meet their targets while pumping happy holidays at us, then we might as well move the entire event to June 25th. That would be four days past the summer solstice (just like Xmas) and we could call it the LEON season (NOEL Backwards) and tie it to a famous person born that day or an important history event; like Jimmy Walker or George Michael's birthday, or better still, General George Custer's famous last stand. At least we can go to the mall in shorts, tshirts and sandals.
A big kudos to those caring companies in retail that simply close the doors up over Christmas by closing their doors on boxing day. My hats off to you folks that realize your staff just when through one hair-raising, exhausting month of hell and they deserve some time at home with their families, instead of bracing for another Boxing Day Madness Blow Out Extravanganza, End of year Clearance Sale of Prices So Low!!!! For those who cant resist lining up over night to get the latest Brittany Sphears CD at the ABSOLUTE LOW END PRICE!!!! I say, termites are born to consume, lemmings to follow, seems you are both one and the same.
Finally, think about others, the lady or man at the Salvation Army pot, out in the cold, ringing the bells, they do the community proud. Spread some of your holiday dollars on someone who you know is a low income family, that senior citizen next door on a fixed income, drop off some food that you would like to eat at the food bank, not a box of dried soup noodles. Grab some neighbors and go caroling through the neighborhood, heck most of us don't even know our neighbors as we are too busy on the gerbil treadmill making a living.
Rent some old time Christmas classics like Miracle on 34th Street, Ebineezer Scrooge with Alistair Sims and his simple message of hope and redemption. Turn your kids back from becoming mindless auto-maton robts wired into the TV screen playing the next hynotic mind control arcade game, that is a "GOTTA HAVE" gift. Don't worry they won't be socially disadvantaged if they don't get Krypto Killers From Kosmo or whatever the hell is being foisted upon us this year. Maybe you should take ten minutes of your precious time and see what kind of hate and violence little junior is being programmed with from the video game he just got as a gift or was it a seduction? AM sure you would pay a lot more attention if you discovered sub-liminal messaging in the games saying for junior to "Kill Mommy, Kill Daddy, take an axe give them both 40 whacks. Insane? Check out what is there if you don't believe me....sinister stuff.
For if there is no message at this time of year or at Easter, then the world becomes just a little emptier and sadder for many, whether we believe or not.
In retrospect, if you look at one of the next biggest spending splurges this nation opens it's wallets to, it is that of All Hallow's Eve, a night with much more darker, sinister meanings under a simple smile of a Jack -o-Lantern.....Let that sink in a bit.
It isn't even a holiday.....
Merry Christmas to all, everyone of every faith!
May peace truly come to mankind.
yours truly
warren kommishoner

Saturday, December 18

Canada's global connections

Canada's global connections

It turns out, interestingly enough, that Paul Martin, vis-a-vis Mssr. Desmarais has connections to Hitler lovers.

" Power Corp. now maintains controlling interest in BertelsmannAG, Germany’s large publishing empire--bigger even than Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

In February 2001, Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, one of Belgium’s top 10 companies and 25 percent owned by Power Corp., acquired control of BertelsmannAG. Andre Desmarais, President and Chief Executive Officer of Power Corp., was named to the BAG board.

As it turns out, the publishing company controlled by Canada’s powerful Desmarais family has a less than honourary history. Indeed, during the days of the Third Reich, BertelsmannAG was the biggest publisher of Nazi texts, with production more prolific than the National Socialist Party’s own printing business. The Nazi chapter of BertelsmannAG began in 1933, but was only documented and disclosed by a historian Saul Friedlander in 1999.

Bertelsmann published the nefarious, The Christmas Book for Hitler Youth."

Sunday, December 12

Forced Labor in ID Bill?

Forced Labor for the Unemployed?
December 10, 2004
Forced Labor for the Unemployed?
By Kurt Nimmo
December 10, 2004

According to a report on Prison Planet, Ron Paul’s press secretary, Jeff Deist, told Alex Jones earlier this week that Senate bill 2845 on “intelligence reform” will include, in addition to a requirement for a national ID, a provision that will “make it mandatory to have a job.” I have been unable to find any reference to this. Close as I came was mention of the fact S 2845 may require submission of employment applicants to the government for approval, complete with fingerprints or other “biometric identifiers,” but nothing about demanding Americans have a job. Considering how unemployment stats keep growing worse—and I have been unable to find work since September—(initial claims for jobless pay grew unexpectedly last week to 357,000, according to Reuters, and only 112,000 new jobs were created in November, far less than expected), it would be absurd for the government to “make it mandatory to have a job,” that is unless they expect highly skilled people to work at Walmart. Or maybe the government will set up “work programs” like the one currently underway in Fallujah (i.e., forced labor). Nothing is out of the question, considering the tyrannical nature of Congress and the Bush administration.

Friday, December 10

Ukraine to Ban Freemasons?

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Suggests Jailing Freemasons

Created: 07.12.2004 15:04 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 15:04 MSK


Ukrainian MP Taras Chornovil has suggested that the country’s parliament, the Supreme Rada, introduce criminal responsibility for Freemasonry, the MigNews web-site reported on Tuesday.

Taras Chornovil is the son of the late nationalist leader Vyacheslav Chornovil, and his appointment as an adviser to presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich on West-Ukrainian affairs earlier this year provoked much criticism in nationalist circles. He will head Yanukovich’s campaign headquarters in the repeat of the controversial second round of Ukrainian presidential elections.

He has submitted to the Rada a bill entitled “On amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine”, according to which, membership of Freemason organizations, or any other organizations that require rituals and oaths of higher priority than the current law, must be punished by a jail sentence of up to three years.

The bill also reads that the members of Masonic organizations who are Ukrainian civil servants, law enforcers or military servicemen must be jailed for three to seven years.

Ukraine’s president, members of parliament, civil servants of ministerial rank, military servicemen and law enforcers of the rank of major-general or higher, if discovered to be members of Freemason organizations, may face up to 10 years in prison.

If the membership in a Masonic organization causes deaths, a threat to Ukraine’s national integrity or its defense potential, members of the organization must be imprisoned for 10 to 15 years, the bill reads.

In February, the leader of Ukraine’s Socialist Party, Aleksander Moroz, said that about 300 of Ukraine’s top officials were members of the St. Stanislaus Order Masonic Lodge. Later, other left-wing parties and also the pro-Western bloc headed by Yulia Tymoshenko also called on the government to ban the St Stanislaus Order in Ukraine.

CBC.ca - Canada and the New American Empire

CBC.ca - Canada and the New American Empire

Did you see the last installment of this series where a pre-screened audience member basically loses his mind-control programming and points out that the Empire has no clothes?

Some guy snapped and basically called the cbc panel of talking heads for what it was - one left-wingnut and three relatively rational right-wingers. And then he went on to use the F-ford on live television. Yeah, that's right, the F- word - fascism - to describe the empire south of the 49th.

I thought the cbc was going to cut to some emergency clip from War of the Worlds as the host, Diana Swain, scrambled in her shock to move on to the next discussant, only to have him also use the f-word. Well, amybe we can accuse the cbc of a radical liberal media bias likeany Quebecor and Canwest lackey will chime in a united chorus. Or maybe, just maybe these people snapped and broke free from their usual pre-screened audience member roles. Damn it, I want my media debates to be controlled, self defining and self contained entities without having these folks ruining it for those of us who wish to just go along with the program. Such though criminals deserve to be punished for screwing it up for the proles.

Thursday, December 9

Army Recruitment Data Shows a Draft

Judging from the data on army recruitment, I'd say a draft is in the works.
From the Daily Kos blog:
Hackworth on recruitment
by kos
Wed Dec 8th, 2004 at 22:16:45 PST

The colonel paints a dire picture:
"These are totals for the 41 USAREC (Recruiting Command) Battalions, so these stats represent the USAREC mission accomplishment:

Regular Army Volume (all RA contracts):
Mission: 25,322
Achieved: 12,703 (50.17 percent)

Army Reserve Volume:
Mission: 7,373
Achieved: 3,206 (43.48 percent)."

The Army National Guard is faring no better. A Guard retention NCO says: "The word is out on the streets of Washington, D.C. `Do not join the Guard.' I see these words echoing right across the U.S.A."

By the end of this recruiting year, the Regular Army, Reserves and Guard could fall short more than 50 percent of its projected requirement, or about 60,000 new soldiers. And according to many recruiters, quality recruits are giving way to mental midgets who have a hard time telling their left foot from their right.

Don't forget they also have to pile sandbags on their trucks in lieu of armor, because they get the Army that Rummy gives them, not the one that would be most effective with fewest casualties.

Officer crisis hits Army Reserve

By Hal Bernton
Seattle Times staff reporter

The Army Reserve is facing an extreme shortage of company officers, a situation aggravated by a surge in resignation requests.

The shortage — primarily of captains — has seriously reduced the capabilities of the Reserve, and continued losses will further reduce the readiness of "an already depleted military force," according to an Army briefing document submitted last month to Congress.

Army Reserve resignation requests have jumped from just 15 in 2001 to more than 370 during a 12-month period ending in September. To preserve its leadership ranks, the Reserve increasingly has rejected resignation requests, forcing some officers to stay on even after they have fulfilled their initial eight-year service requirement.  MORE

Tuesday, December 7

Uncle Sam has his own gulag

Uncle Sam has his own gulag

Eric Margolis tears the US a new turd-cutter.

" If, as Bush asserts, terrorism suspects, Taliban, and Muslim mujahedeen fighters not in uniform deserve no protection under the laws of war and may be jailed and tortured at presidential whim, then what law protects from abuse or torture all the un-uniformed U.S. Special Forces, CIA field teams, and those 40,000 or more U.S. and British mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan euphemistically called "civilian contractors"?

Behaving like the 1930s Soviet secret police will not make America safer. Such illegal, immoral and totally un-American behaviour corrupts democracy and makes them no better than the criminals they detest. "

Monday, December 6

Ukraine Government Was to Stage Terror Attack

It's the Russian Oligarchs vs. the Texas Cowboys in a battle for oil. The Ukraine chaos has its own ties to Yukos and the battle between Washington and Moscow vis-a-vis the Carlyle Group.

The Independent

Ukraine's embattled government is ready to stage faked terrorist attacks to destabilise the country and discredit the opposition ahead of a rerun of the presidential vote, a senior government source has told The Independent.
The official, who works for the government of the Moscow-backed candidate and current Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, said: "One of the plans is to blow up a pipeline and blame it on opposition supporters. Ukraine is the key transit country for Russian gas supplies to the West."
Mr Yanukovych's backers fear the prospect of their candidate losing to Viktor Yushchenko and are ready to plunge the country into economic chaos, the source revealed. "They are planning to use criminals - plain bandits - that they have a hold over." The source said that a senior member of the government had been tasked with overseeing terrorist acts.

Sunday, December 5

Fallujah In Pictures Blog Featured at Wash. Post

Images of Fighting in Fallujah Compel at Different Levels (washingtonpost.com)

www.fallujahinpictures.com has become one of the premier blogs featuring a different perspective on the Iraq war. Just another way the free expression of internet bloggers is showing mainstream media to be what they are: spy-riddled pro-oil whores.

"A competing vision of the Fallujah operation is presented by the blog titled "Iraq in Pictures" (www.fallujahinpictures.com), which Krohn says is far more similar to what Iraqis, and the Arab world, see on their satellite news channels.

The site has become one of the hotter blogs on the Internet, receiving thousands of visits a day.

In the version of the Web site that was up last week, the first image on the site showed a malnourished Iraqi baby, wide-eyed and screaming in pain, under the sarcastic headline, "another grateful Iraqi civilian."

Friday, December 3

Bill Rees on Peak Oil

A well-written article about the possible Oil shock, coming to a gas station near you.

"Canadians enjoy one of the most energy-intensive economies on Earth.(1) Much of the country depends, directly or indirectly, on fossil fuel for heat in winter and for air conditioning in summer. The Canadian way of life feeds on mainly fossil-fuelled transportation that moves everything people need over vast distances within the country and connects the nation materially to the rest of the world. Thanks to production agriculture and industrial food processing, our daily bread now ‘embodies’ more fossil energy than solar energy. "

Wednesday, December 1

Fallujah Being Napalmed?

Maybe the mass graves of US soldiers, burnt to a crisp at www.jihadunspun.com are a result of this. May as well go back to mustard gas while we're at it.
" Residents in Fallujah reported that innocent civilians have been killed by napalm attacks, a poisonous cocktail of polystyrene and jet fuel which makes the human body melt. Since the U.S. offensive started in Fallujah earlier this month, there have been reports of “melted” bodies which many believe is caused by napalm.

"Poisonous gases have been used in Fallujah," 35-year-old Fallujah resident, Abu Hammad said. "They used everything -- tanks, artillery, infantry, and poisonous gas. Fallujah has been bombed to the ground." Hammad was living in the Julan district of Fallujah which witnessed some of the heaviest attacks.

Other residents of that area also said that banned weapons were used. Abu Sabah, said; “They used these weird bombs that put up smoke like a mushroom cloud… then small pieces fall from the air with long tails of smoke behind them." He said that pieces of these strange bombs explode into large fires that burn the skin even when water is thrown on the burns.

Phosphorous arms and the napalm gas are known to have such effects. "People suffered so much from these," Abu Sabah said. "


" The use of deadly napalm - last seen in Vietnam and now banned by the United Nations - has been deployed in Fallujah according to eyewitnesses.

'Melted' bodies have been reported, along with suggestions of poisonous gas. MP Alice Mahon is calling on Blair to make an emergency statement on the matter. If it is proven that napalm has been used, Britain will be under pressure to pull out of the American-led coalition."



"News that President George W. Bush has sanctioned the use of napalm, a deadly cocktail of polystyrene and jet fuel banned by the United Nations in 1980, will stun governments around the world.

And last night Tony Blair was dragged into the row as furious Labour MPs demanded he face the Commons over it. Reports claim that innocent civilians have died in napalm attacks, which turn victims into human fireballs as the gel bonds flames to flesh.


In August last year, the United States admitted dropping the internationally-banned incendiary weapon of napalm on Iraq, despite earlier denials by the Pentagon that the “horrible” weapon had not been used in the three-week invasion of Iraq.

After the offensive on Iraq ended on April 9 last year, Iraqis began to complain about unexploded cluster bombs that still litter their cities.

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