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Friday, December 10

CBC.ca - Canada and the New American Empire

CBC.ca - Canada and the New American Empire

Did you see the last installment of this series where a pre-screened audience member basically loses his mind-control programming and points out that the Empire has no clothes?

Some guy snapped and basically called the cbc panel of talking heads for what it was - one left-wingnut and three relatively rational right-wingers. And then he went on to use the F-ford on live television. Yeah, that's right, the F- word - fascism - to describe the empire south of the 49th.

I thought the cbc was going to cut to some emergency clip from War of the Worlds as the host, Diana Swain, scrambled in her shock to move on to the next discussant, only to have him also use the f-word. Well, amybe we can accuse the cbc of a radical liberal media bias likeany Quebecor and Canwest lackey will chime in a united chorus. Or maybe, just maybe these people snapped and broke free from their usual pre-screened audience member roles. Damn it, I want my media debates to be controlled, self defining and self contained entities without having these folks ruining it for those of us who wish to just go along with the program. Such though criminals deserve to be punished for screwing it up for the proles.

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