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Wednesday, December 29

Terrorist Attack on the 27th?


Dear Henry,

Can't help but notice something. It's been going around the net but here's something I've put together. The earthquake that hit Asia 2 days back occurred at EXACTLY the same day and close to the same hour as the one that hit Iran EXACTLY a year ago.

You can compare the dates yourself: activistchat.com/earthquake/ and www.volcanolive.com/earthquake6.html

Is this an amazing coincidence or what? We apparently do have the power to cause earthquakes. Look up something called 'HAARP.' Apparently as best I remember something about this, earthquakes can be caused by placing highly explosive bombs along fault lines.

Coincidentally coming after Christmas after these warnings by this 'German guy' about a major terrorist incident occuring after Christmas in late December or more precisely it's said Dec. 27th, concerning something 'nuclear'.

Now putting two and two together, could it be that this latest earthquake, the worst in 40 years with a death toll that could eventaully exceed 100,000, damaging land, crops and could result in an epidemic be caused not naturally, but by human means? Placing a nuclear device along a fault line? Wouldn't this perhaps be the most horrible terrorist incident ever if it were true?

The Bible predicted worse earthquakes to occur and increase in frequency, in fact it was Jesus Himself who said such things would occur in 'divers places.' As well we should also take a look at the passage in Revelation 16:18. "There were noises and thunderings and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since men were on earth."

It is said that the illuminati and shadow governments would perhaps achieve their goals and do so by following biblical prophecy. Perhaps all 'Houston' and other cities this German guy intercepted were only code for something else. I can't put my mind past this. If now we do posess the technology to begin 'natural disasters' then may God help us. The situation with these powerful people is worse than we might ever concieve!


Commenting on the writer from today regarding the Tsunami in Asia, I am sure those 4 hurricanes which swept across our state this year were not natural at all either. Were they manipulated to strike blows on our agriculture industry in Florida? We were hit with an X shape criss-cross over our state, unprecedented. And right over the Central area where the produce comes from. The Feds over the years already cut down (illegally) most citrus trees in residential areas of S. Florida under the pretense that 'citrus canker' must be stopped or it will spread and kill trees.

Yet, one can buy an anti-canker poison at Home Depot and be done with it. Our industry has been decimated deliberately, and increasingly we need to import fruit from NAFTA nations south of us. Point is, with all these experiments in weather weapons and the Money Power's love for creating chaos on Earth, I would not be shocked if they have done this mess in Asia. They create the problem, and then offer THEIR solution (a one-world socialist nightmare).

Incidentally, the earthquake your contributor refers to, THE earthquake of Revelations, supposedly occurs when Christ touches the Earth in Jerusalem on the Olive Mount at the Second Coming, causing a quake that will create a river to flow through that city.

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