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Tuesday, December 21

Warrenkommishoner on Christmas

As December 25th nears and the frenzy of harried shoppers, consumers or termites reaches a crescendo, I wonder how many people have actually noticed the subtle hijacking of Christmas? The santization of an official national holiday, but a very significant religious holiday that is not only spiritual, cultural but ingrained into the fabric of our society, is rapidly upon us.
Everywhere you go to do your shopping you are greeted with large scale banners, "happyholidays", "seasons greetings", Jingle Bell rock musak, the capitulation of even the media joining the destruction of Christmas, along with the schools santizing the Christmas message with "Winter Festivals", ad nauseum." Bah fackin' humbug!!!!
Heavens knows we do not want to offend any of our friends of other cultures or even hum a Christmas tune aloud, lest we set them off into absolute meltdown upon hearing "Oh Holy Night"
To be politcally correct you must greet everyone with a hearty "Happy Holidays", or, "Seasons Greetings", and make sure your Christmas cards do not reflect any other message. Make sure you put up your "festive lights" on the outside of your house, and no, Baby Jesus and the Manger scenes should not be displayed on your front lawn, just in case the Kristmas Kops decide to pay you a visit. Snowmen are ok, and i think reindeer make the passing grade. Just make sure you also take down the Santa Clause pictures cause ol' St. Nick is actually a bonafide saint in church lore. Better still, erect one huge illuminated, colorful dollar sign on the front lawn, because if we continue blindly following 'those people' behind the elimination of Christmas, then really the 'holiday gift giving' just becomes one huge spending orgy of material excess.
Make the event memorable as you drive down to the Xmas tree lot with your family to pick out the "Winter Holiday Tree". Just make sure you don't buy one from the local boyscout troop, as their organizations have their own set of intolerable exclusions, if you know what i mean. And no Angels or Stars atop the festive holiday tree, either, das verbotten!!!
Whether a person is of a different faith or culture, they should be as tolerable and eager to learn about my culture as I am interested in understanding theirs, but not at the expense of one another. I am not offended by their celebrations, why should they be of mine. Or is their some underlying reason for this Christmas exclusion assault?
Seems like even most mainstream Christian churches are slowly being seduced and are missing what is actually happening here.
Folks time to wake up, you are like the frog in the pot, slowly being boiled alive, a few degrees at a time. Don't believe me? Open your eyes you Sheeple, take off the blinders and LOOK the next time in the shopping malls. Count the stores who have cooperated in this sanitization of our National Holiday.
You say, '"oh, gee, what can i do, I'm just one person?" You can be like me, i answer with my wallet!!!!. You are the consumer, you hold the keys and the power to the destruction of those who wish to De-Christmasize Christmas. Shop only at those chains who openly support Christmas. Hell, even though I don't agree with all that Wal-Mart stands for at least their Suits have the balls to brazenly display Merry Christmas in the store!! Show the corporate suits that pay homage to those undermining special interest groups, and the shareholders as well, that THEY, cannot and will not hijack Christmas. Their fat bonuses and year end dividends depend upon you blindly spending your wallet dry and your credit cards maxed out. You want it to stop, then don't support them!! That is what you can do. If one can do it so can you, and if two can do it, so can another, and another and it starts a snowball rolling which picks up speed and size as it hurtles across the continent. That is how you regain your Christmas, whether it is the Nativity Scene and the birth of Jesus or just the child like belief of Santa Claus and the wonderment of a child's eyes during Christmas, these are part of our culture, and our heritage, whether religious or not.
Otherwise, if you sit back and get slowly 'boiled to death' in that ever increasing temperature in the pot of water, Christmas will be simply a folklore in two generations.
If all it becomes is simply a fourth quarter driver to encourage you to 'spend' for the large corporations to meet their targets while pumping happy holidays at us, then we might as well move the entire event to June 25th. That would be four days past the summer solstice (just like Xmas) and we could call it the LEON season (NOEL Backwards) and tie it to a famous person born that day or an important history event; like Jimmy Walker or George Michael's birthday, or better still, General George Custer's famous last stand. At least we can go to the mall in shorts, tshirts and sandals.
A big kudos to those caring companies in retail that simply close the doors up over Christmas by closing their doors on boxing day. My hats off to you folks that realize your staff just when through one hair-raising, exhausting month of hell and they deserve some time at home with their families, instead of bracing for another Boxing Day Madness Blow Out Extravanganza, End of year Clearance Sale of Prices So Low!!!! For those who cant resist lining up over night to get the latest Brittany Sphears CD at the ABSOLUTE LOW END PRICE!!!! I say, termites are born to consume, lemmings to follow, seems you are both one and the same.
Finally, think about others, the lady or man at the Salvation Army pot, out in the cold, ringing the bells, they do the community proud. Spread some of your holiday dollars on someone who you know is a low income family, that senior citizen next door on a fixed income, drop off some food that you would like to eat at the food bank, not a box of dried soup noodles. Grab some neighbors and go caroling through the neighborhood, heck most of us don't even know our neighbors as we are too busy on the gerbil treadmill making a living.
Rent some old time Christmas classics like Miracle on 34th Street, Ebineezer Scrooge with Alistair Sims and his simple message of hope and redemption. Turn your kids back from becoming mindless auto-maton robts wired into the TV screen playing the next hynotic mind control arcade game, that is a "GOTTA HAVE" gift. Don't worry they won't be socially disadvantaged if they don't get Krypto Killers From Kosmo or whatever the hell is being foisted upon us this year. Maybe you should take ten minutes of your precious time and see what kind of hate and violence little junior is being programmed with from the video game he just got as a gift or was it a seduction? AM sure you would pay a lot more attention if you discovered sub-liminal messaging in the games saying for junior to "Kill Mommy, Kill Daddy, take an axe give them both 40 whacks. Insane? Check out what is there if you don't believe me....sinister stuff.
For if there is no message at this time of year or at Easter, then the world becomes just a little emptier and sadder for many, whether we believe or not.
In retrospect, if you look at one of the next biggest spending splurges this nation opens it's wallets to, it is that of All Hallow's Eve, a night with much more darker, sinister meanings under a simple smile of a Jack -o-Lantern.....Let that sink in a bit.
It isn't even a holiday.....
Merry Christmas to all, everyone of every faith!
May peace truly come to mankind.
yours truly
warren kommishoner

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