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Monday, January 24

Arnie Terminated in Austria?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially signalled his intention to become Presinator in 2008 by living up to GW Bush's record and ridding the world of social girlie-men. Oficially, it might signify that Arnie has no intention of becoming the EU president and wants to take the reigns of power in the USA.

Der Spiegel writes:

Despite his famous promise, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be back after all. To his home country of Austria that is. By allowing the execution of 61-year-old Donald Beardslee in California on Wednesday, Schwarzenegger may have violated the Austrian law which prohibits the application of the death penalty. Now the country's Green Party is attempting to strip him of his Austrian passport.

. . .

But it's not just Austrian politicians who are angry at the Terminator. The media in his home country has also given him a tongue lashing. "Arnold Schwarzenegger obviously wants to become president of the USA and he can't out himself as a wimp, he's said openly" wrote the left-leaning daily Der Standard. "'Terminator' means, analogously, "life-ender' and he can't be unfaithful to that image. The US has clearly slid to the right in recent years and the acceptance and efficiency of the death penalty belongs to the unshiftable doctrines of the right, regardless of what the reality is. Even 'our Arnie' wouldn't think of doing anything to reduce his election chances."

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