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Monday, January 24

Bar ID scanners open to challenge

Bar ID scanners open to challenge

There is no privacy left in Edmonton. Due to all the violence in nightclubs, we have seen Whyte Avenue, the primary entertainment district, introduce security cameras on every street corner. This has only driven the violence away from that area and now we have to submit our driver's licences to be scanned before gaining entry into many clubs/pubs in town. With the recent stabbing fatality, programs such as these will likely increase in use.

: "Privacy experts say they're uneasy about a program that scans bar patrons' identification into an electronic system that can red-flag troublemakers. And bars might face legal challenges if they refuse entry to patrons who show their ID but won't let it be scanned, suggests a spokesman for the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta.

'That could be a charter issue,' said Tim Chander. 'I'm sure there are some lawyers out there who would love to tackle that one.'

Through the Barlink electronic information-sharing system, club staff who scan in a patron's identification are alerted to any patron who's been banned from other bars."

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