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Wednesday, January 5

BBC Pulls Supervolcano Superthriller

Well, those Mi6 people over at the BBC have decided that if they release the supervolcano meme into the media, you will likely do some reading and discover that the Indonesian Quake could have or may still set off the Toba Supervolcano in Indonesia. It's a sick thought, but imagine if that thing went due to an aftershock, just as the world marshalls its relief resources to that one point. Our collective ability to respond to the real volcanic disaster would be WIPED OUT.

Thursday 6th January, 2005
BBC pulls docudrama on volcano disaster
Big News Network.com Thursday 6th January, 2005
The BBC said Wednesday it was postponing a drama about a huge volcanic eruption creating a worldwide disaster out of respect for Asian tsunami victims.To be titled Supervolcano, the $5.64 million project was due to be broadcast at the end of this month, the Mirror reported.The story line focused on a real volcano that exists underneath Yellowstone National Park in the United States and which some experts claim is overdue for an eruption.If it did blow, more than 100,000 U.S. residents could die within minutes, the BBC docudrama predicts, and up to 1 billion would die worldwide as the effects of the eruption spread around the globe.



Predicting the future
Scientists believe that its cyclical nature means an eruption is long overdue and has the potential to kill 100,000 US citizens and lead to blizzards, climate change and famine.

The docu-drama was to be accompanied by a documentary, The Science Behind the Supervolcano, which looks at the scientific evidence and behaviour of the phenomenon.

The docu-drama follows a BBC Two series, If..., which examined what could happen in the event of man-made disasters, including a fictionalised plane crash which brings the UK to a standstill.

Another in the series, If...The Lights Go Out, predicted what would happen in the event of a nationwide powercut.

I wonder if someone is trying to send a message. IS ANYONE LISTENING?

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