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Monday, January 31

Canada to counter US Patriot Act data reporting

Canada to counter US Patriot Act data reporting

The Canadian Government says it intends to change laws to thwart the US Patriot Act.

The changes would prevent subsidiaries of US corporations such as EDS - which manages Canadian health care records and Australian tax information - from divulging sensitive information about Canadians.

Under the terms of the US Patriot Act, US firms can be forced to hand over information contained in databases and corporate records, including data from non-US subsidiaries.

Canada, like Australia, contracts out many government services.

Canadian health care records and Australian tax records are both managed by the giant US firm EDS.

Privacy advocates fear that means the FBI can see these otherwise private records.

The Canadian Government said it will change regulations to ensure these firms do not pass their Canadian data to the FBI.

Several provinces have already announced plans to introduce similar legislation.

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