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Sunday, January 16

Dorothy Seese -- Dark Forces & The Tolerant Followers

Dorothy Seese -- Dark Forces & The Tolerant Followers:

It's great to see that there are Christians out there who are not sucked into the herd behavior of Christian Fascism/Dominionism.

"Is it difficult to see why America, as it was, has only a remnant of faithful Americans who will challenge the system? We've always had to first fight the twits in our own country before we could get them to throw aside their blind trust in our so-called leadership and see what the issues really are. The average American who watches major media news is ready to kick the spit out of anyone who says he isn't free, yet he will get into his car and strap himself into a harness because it's the law; he will pay illegal taxes because he's afraid of the government; he will drive to a job he hates, knowing he may never get any return on his Social Security taxes; he will even volunteer to join the military to fight for the freedom of this country that hasn't been under attack by foreigners since the end of World War II. Then he will stand outside in the cold to smoke because the city passed an ordinance, with or without any vote, to tell business owners how to run their businesses, and keep his mouth shut when a couple of men walk by smooching each other. But he's free. Say what?"

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