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Sunday, January 30

Edmonton Alberta - NWO Training Camp?

Well, the U of A microchip mentioned by televangelist Jack van Impe this week and last turned out not to be a new method of tracking people, but an advancement in Energy usage by a microchip . The photo combined with front-page coverage by the Edmonton Journal is probably what captured van Impe's attention. However, he did mention something called GEOSS - the Global Earth Observation System of Systems. This is not necessarily a Global Police State system - we already have Echelon for monitoring communications.

What should have been of more concern to the van Impes is the fact that Edmonton is turning into a training ground of sorts for the coming Canadian police state. We have the most over-policed city in Canada, helicopters fly overhead at night while cameras gather information on people downtown. As the province's government center, we have Federal agencies such as the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service making its home here. Furthermore, Anne McClelland, the grand Architect of many of our police state bills makes her base here.

The U of A houses the premier BSE research lab in addition to the Neuroscience unit. If the Engineering department gets its stuff together, they will soon be spinning off the implantable chips used for tracking cattle as some sort of memory-enhancing nanotechnology. Something's definitely happening in Edmonton, Alberta.

MKWB Adds:

Canada's National Research Council (NRC)of Canada is similar to the NSA in that it propagates the research of advanced technologies for its use and for commercial use. The NRC "is the Government of Canada's premier organization for research and development." (Source www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca). There are several institutes across Canada but the majority of them focus on BioTech and Information Technologies, the Universtiy of Alberta has recently been granted as the site for the National Institute of Nanotechnology (NIN). Currently the building is under construction and is deemed to be one of the most advanced nanotechnology buildings in the world. As you can see, since the NIN is operated by the NRC, any technology developed is the property of the Government of Canada.

With that being said, it is interesting to see how much Edmonton Alberta is becoming more of a intellegence/research community while attempting to distance itself from the oil industry. Although the provincial government in the past has stated that they want Edmonton to develop an alternative economy to oil it seems all levels of government are centralizing their intellegence operations from here. CSIS has heavy influences in the city of Edmonton and likly the U of A campus. However, AWGB noted that it seems to be a "police state" developing here. That is true somewhat, but I think the main reason is the governments plans on creating a new economy that can sustaint itself once peak oil arrives. Either way its interesting to see the governments rapidly attempting to create this industry; for what reason I have yet to figure out.

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