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Sunday, January 30

Extinct and Endangered Websites

It is time to remember the fallen - those websites who stood as landmarks but due to the information they contained, their authors have either fallen on hard times, been "incidented" or just plain ran out of money. We visit the Way Back Machine and pull them up.



This site is a rabbit hole. It housed data on a programming language called LILITH - named after a high-ranking demoness in mythical lore. The stuff about Freemasonry likely did this guy in.


Based out of Austin, Texas, C0balt served as an off-the highway forum for discussion that was relatively free from trollers and spooks. It had the goods on the Skull & Bones marriage between Condi Rice and George Bush in addition to the strange case of Margie Schoedinger.

Vancouver Indymedia

Appears to have been infiltrated by neo-nazi spammers who posted nothing but hate on the site in order to discredit it. A guy named "the Alien Spammer" would upload the creepiest pictures of aliens to the site. Stuff like this ate up bandwidth and server space. The site had the best Canadian resources on the Bilderberg meetings and Canadian politicians who frequent them.


Wake Up America

This site has had numerous disputes with its hosts over time. The best info here is the stuff on the Georgia Guidestones and a cool theory about how, when the US flips over to tyranny, the reflective stickers on the back of road signs will relay information to infantry concerning the whereabouts of suspects.

Cloak & Dagger

After c0balt.com went down, the most detailed info on how President Bush arranged for Bloom's operation to be targeted went with it. That is until it was discovered that Lenny's friend, Pam Schuffert, had preserved the file.


This site was recently shut down in the US, but is back online. The Authorities probably managed to kidnap the real guy, brainwash him with MK-ULTRA mind-control and now he is a shill for Bush. Well, maybe not.

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