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Monday, January 17

Harry's "Swastika" not Nazi?

Hinduism Today | Jun 1998:

Anyone can tell just by looking at Harry's armband that his Swastika is not tilted at a 45 degree angle. Not to split hairs, but technically, he was displaying a swastika, whereas German Storm troopers displayed a Hakencreuz, which is a 45 degree tilted Swastika meant to show two S's symbolizing a union of socialist workers engaged in work together.

In Canada, however, the "Nazi Swastika" is defined as a 45 degree tilted swastika. Even if the proposed EU ban on Nazi symbolism was implemented, Harry would technically not be guilty of displaying Nazi attire.

Swastika Win In Canada
The Ontario press council in Canada upheld in March Prakash Mody's complaint against the Toronto Star newspaper for its incorrect depiction of the Nazi swastika. For years Mody, a Jain, has urged the media to print the Nazi version of the swastika tilted at a 45-degree angle and labeled 'Nazi swastika.' The swastika, a mark of good fortune to several faiths including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, is most often used by those faiths upright, with the arms horizontal or vertical. 'Even graffiti artists know the Nazis made their swastika at an angle,' Mody told the council. Surely, he said, journalists who could remember to type 'Jeep' with a capital 'J' because it is a trademark, could make a distinction between the two forms of the swastika symbol. The council agreed, and it will now be so in Ontario."

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