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Sunday, January 23

Hevy Hand of Fascism Hits in US: Cryptome.org Closed By American SS

This is just ridiculous. First the Indymedia websites, and now this.

Northeast Intelligence Network: "
Website Closed by Department of Homeland Security

'Primum non nocere'

By Douglas J. Hagmann

22 January 2005: National Public Radio is reporting that Internet website was taken down on Friday by federal officials for publishing 'reports about tips on possible terrorist activity that have been filed with the Department of Homeland Security.' At first read, that statement causes concern as it suggests that the Department of Homeland Security has silenced a website for providing terrorism activity updates with the American people. Reading further into the news report, however, it states: 'Federal officials say the information [published on the website] is not classified but is sensitive, and could jeopardize some investigations and undercover operatives.' Despite that clarification, many otherwise sensible and rational people will condemn the government's action as a move by big brother to keep the public in the dark, relegating everyone outside of a select few to 'sheeple status.' I could not disagree more.

At issue is the website Cryptome.org, operated by 69 year-old John Young - an architect by profession. From his writings, Mr. Young appears to be a colorful man with some interesting sources and very controversial tactics. His website has been the apparent center of controversy for some time due to the type of information that he published. For example, Young's site was the topic of an ABC news story on August 12, 2004 that was titled 'Too Much information?' ABC News noted that Young publicly posted information about the 2004 Democratic National Convention, including satellite photos of the convention site and the location of specific police barricades. He further referenced that the security for the convention was 'a complete joke,' generating complaints to authorities about the nature of the material he placed in the public domain. ABC News stated that 'in response to a complaint, two special agents from the FBI's counterter"

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