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Monday, January 24

"Insensibly" Sliding Into Tyranny

"Insensibly" Sliding Into Tyranny

This is a great article.

"Insensibly" Sliding Into Tyranny
by William Norman Grigg
January 21, 2005
By waging open-ended foreign wars for "liberty," warned John Quincy Adams, America's ruling philosophy would "insensibly change from [one of] liberty to force...." That warning, sadly, was amply validated by George W. Bush's Second Inaugural Address.

"America, in this young century, proclaims liberty throughout the world, and to all the inhabitants thereof."

It is a reflection of George W. Bush’s peculiar gifts that this lyrical scriptural phrase becomes a threat when it falls from his lips. It’s likely that hundreds of millions of people reacted to President Bush’s proclamation of global "liberty" by dashing to the nearest bomb shelter.

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