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Monday, January 24

Jack van Impe Associates Mark of the Beast with University of Alberta

Download and watch the Jan. 27th program and scroll 15:45 into the program to hear Televangelist Jack van Impe mention the University of Alberta as a pioneer in research on how to keep track of people.

While he cites the non-existent "Edmonton Times" as a source, he may have just slipped. He says that he will reveal it next week, but no stories related to this topic come up in a google news search on the Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Journal. Other than the story on Barlink below.

If Jack is talking about this new program, Barlink, then he might have mis-quoted its relation to the U of A. He might have scanned the article and saw University of Alberta at the bottom. Nevertheless, Barlink shows how, in the name of profits, private enterprises are welcoming in the police state, and governments are allowing them to abuse technologies inherent in the Alberta Driver's license.

"University of Alberta law professor Gerry Gall said it's "amazing" how little privacy people have left. "I have a level of discomfort when something like that goes on ... because it's another example of how our privacy is so fragile and there is an erosion of privacy all around us.""

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