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Sunday, January 23

Kurt Nimmo: Moonies Go After Seymor Hersch

Another Day in the Empire

Kurt Nimmo was recently nominated by John Kaminski as one of the top 25 writers on the internet.

"Tony Blankley, editorializing for the Moonie owned and operated Washington Times, suggests Seymour Hersh is a traitor and a spy and should be tried for espionage. Blankley admits that he does not know if Hersh’s article—The Coming Wars: What the Pentagon Can Now Do in Secret—is technically a violation of the unconstitutional Espionage Act, but considers it only one of many “egregious government leaks of military secrets” to the press, in other words Blankley is outraged by the fact the American people have learned the details of the Strausscon plan to wage World War IV against the Muslim world."

Nimmo is one of the few who realize that the Stauss-o-Cons are not Christian, but Moonies - followers of Rev. Moon.

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