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Saturday, January 22

Magic circle (Wicca) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Magic circle (Wicca) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.



In Wicca and some other pagan traditions, there exists a practice known as casting a circle.

Drawing or tracing a circle (or pentagram, star or other shape) allows an area to be consecrated for either temporary or permanent protection and possibly other benefits. This allows those within the circle to carry on with whatever mystical or magical procedures they are taking part in.

. . .

The pentacle (a pentagram (five-pointed star) inside of a circle) is shown with its point facing upward because the upper point represents spirit. Thus, the spirit is recognized as being more important than the four other points, which represent physical manifestations. When, in Satanism for example, the pentacle is inverted, the point representing spirit faces downward, symbolising that it is less important than physical things.

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