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Tuesday, January 25

New Antisemitism in Russia?

Sure, there are people who like to make the distinction between being an anti-semite and being against the policies of the State of Israel, but this just crosses the anti-semitism line, no matter what you think about Debka file being a Zionist propaganda mill.

"In response to widespread criticism, 19 Russian lawmakers withdrew support from nationalist extremist group’s letter demanding ban on Jewish groups. They declared Jews are anti-Christian and anti-human and hatred of them is justified, recalling old Anti-Semitic symbols including blood libel."

The Telegraph takes note of the timing of this stunt, however:

"The letter, signed by 20 members of the Duma, accuses Jews of dominating politics and the world of finance abroad and underwriting a war on Russian patriotism at home.

The call comes hard on a vicious attack on two foreign rabbis in Moscow and a US-sponsored report which concludes that anti-Semitism in Russia is on the rise.

According to other reports, the number of skinheads has mushroomed from a few dozen 12 years ago to tens of thousands today.

The outburst from the Duma deputies is particularly shocking because of its sensitive timing, ahead of this week's commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army 60 years ago.

. . .

"The whole democratic world today is under the financial and political control of the Jews. We would not want our Russia, which is subject to a permanent illegal war seeking to prevent its rebirth, to find itself among unfree countries."

Another telegraph examines the rise of skinhead culture in Russia.

"Skinheads may be a British invention but when it comes to sheer numbers, levels of violence and hatred of foreigners a damning new report suggests Russia has become the bovver boys' blood-soaked new playground. It may be a country that vilifies fascism more than any other and arguably had to make the most appalling sacrifices to defeat Nazi Germany 60 years ago but this is where skinhead culture has taken hold like nowhere else."

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