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Tuesday, January 25

Remember Condi's Husband?


Why did the media ever let go of this massive Freudian slip?

It all started with the
New York Metro article.

The old C0balt.com website had the goods on this story, but remnants remain.

Pam Schuffert's homepage:

"According to cobalt.com ,Cloak and Dagger also had the heads-up on what would be
Condi Rice’s Freudian Slip-up regarding her Skull & Bones husband, George
“Temporary” Bush. It’s not much of a stretch to think that Dubya prefers African-American
women, as the strange death of Margie Schoedinger indicates.
This is the type of information that Cloak and Dagger deals in, and to the trained eye,
truth really is stranger than fiction."

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