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Tuesday, January 11

Scotsman.com News - News Archive - New world disorder

Scotsman.com News - News Archive - New world disorder

The one, irreducible geopolitical reality today is the economic and military hegemony of the United States. Its balance of financial and armed clout should give it a longer shelf life than the Soviet Union, whose military establishment bled its command economy to death. It is true that the Iraq war has exposed weaknesses in the US military. In strategic terms, they are losing the war, the elections are a farce, there is no prospect of a credible exit; but the same applied in Vietnam, yet here is Uncle Sam bestriding the world again. It is America’s vast wealth, its successful capitalist system and its political and cultural cohesion that give it staying power.

Those last elements may implode during the course of a generation, with massive Hispanic immigration and bitter political polarisation threatening the traditional ethos of American identity. Yet, for the foreseeable future, the US is the only game in town. It is to be hoped that second-term Republicans are in butt-kicking mode at Gleneagles and everywhere else. It is time for the West to awaken from somnambulist appeasement of the Third World blackmailers.

The Dianafication of disaster has been Europe’s contribution, typified by the three-minute silence ordered by Brussels, calculatedly more than is accorded our dead soldiers who liberated the EU kleptocracies. Now Blair and Brown have adopted Africa as the tear-jerker motif for the general election. Grubby politicians kiss babies; but these two cynical opportunists have chosen to exploit emaciated infants with distended bellies as the visual soundbite for 2005. At the same time, trusting people to ignore fiscal bureaucracy when donating to tsunami victims, Gordon is raking in extra tax from the public’s generosity. A New World Order? No - just a classic scene from the brush of Hieronymus Bosch.

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