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Tuesday, January 18

Swastikas, Hypocrisy and Prince Harry

Swastikas, Hypocrisy and Prince Harry: "Am I offended by Prince Harry wearing a swastika at a fancy dress party? Not one bit. I'm offended by the fact we're living in an increasingly fascist world--and that barely anyone notices. I'm offended by the people who ARE fascists--not those who dress up as them. That's the real outrage--offence at the image, not the reality.

If I thought people's hysterical objections to this event were in any way a serious upsurge of antifascism, then I'd be cheering. But it isn't. Fascism is the order of the day. Fascism is the rising tide of modern political thought. Fascism is the new pop-philosophy.

You don't believe me? Well, consider this:"

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